Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 888 - Wanwan, if you try hard

Chapter 888: Wanwan, if you try hard

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Qin Feng scoffed, “Our Ruo Xi has been raised by her grandparents since she was little. She has good social etiquette, knowledge of business investments, and is proficient in the four arts. I dare say that you wouldn’t be able to find another young lady in Imperial City who could compare to her. If the master is still going to persist in doing things his way and makes that lowly woman the mistress of the household, ignoring the engagement between our two families, then he’s simply embarrassing the Si family! That’s all I have to say!”

Qin Feng turned around and left immediately after speaking.

Qin Ruo Xi’s title as Imperial City’s top young lady from a noble family wasn’t unwarranted. If the major influential families didn’t know that Qin Ruo Xi was going to marry into the Si family in the future, there would be so many people at her door asking for her hand that the Qin family’s doorstep would be broken…

Si Ming Rong said gravely, “Sis-in-law, I understand you love master, but you must consider the family’s interests. Master doesn’t listen to anyone and only you can convince him right now. If we get into trouble with the Qin family, I’m afraid it would cause the Si family to end up in chaos and danger once again…”

The old madam slowly opened her eyes. “Chaos? Could it get even more chaotic than before Little 9th returned home? If it wasn’t for Little 9th, the Si family would’ve been torn apart long ago. There’s something all of you need to be clear on – the Si family needs Little 9th and we are dependent on him!”

“And in those days, where was the Qin family? They simply sat on the mountain and watched the tigers fighting [1], not offering to help at all. They made the excuse that they shouldn’t meddle with the internal affairs of the Si family!”

It was only when the Qin family noticed Little 9th gained power that they recalled the marriage agreement between the two families. They stood by Little 9th’s side, merely trying to gain a stable foothold through the marriage.

Had it not been for the sake of these so-called family interests and old madam forcing her son into marriage, all these tragedies wouldn’t have happened…

In order to protect the family, the old madam already lost her only son and even caused Little 9th to suffer from a young age…

She couldn’t allow this tragedy to happen again.

No matter who Little 9th decided to spend the rest of his life with, as long as the girl treated Little 9th sincerely, she would respect him and support his decision.

Old madam was from the Si family, but she was also Little 9th’s grandmother…

In the evening, Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han accompanied the old madam to have dinner at the old residence.

The old madam stood up and thanked Ye Wanwan sincerely, “Wanwan, grandma really appreciates you. You took great care of Little 9th and if it wasn’t for you putting in so much effort to take care of him, I’m afraid Little 9th would’ve…”

“If we went with the organ transplant, Little 9th would’ve suffered from all the surgeries, even if they might prolong his life for a few years. At least there’s hope now that he can fully recover.”

Ye Wanwan hurriedly stood up to hold the old madam. “Grandma, it’s no big deal. This is what I was supposed to do.”

The old madam looked at her own grandson then turned to the girl next to him and appeared worried. “I heard from Dr. Sun that having children may be difficult with Si Ye Han’s health, but it’s not entirely impossible. Furthermore, his condition is improving, so Wanwan, if you try hard, it might be possible…”

There was another thing she didn’t say explicitly – with Wanwan’s current status, it would simply be too challenging to enter the Si family. If she had Little 9th’s child, her prestige as the mother would increase as her son’s position rose – she would have a greater bargaining chip and could also win over the hearts of many more members of the family…

*Cough cough cough…* Ye Wanwan nearly choked after hearing that.

If I try hard?

Grandma, shouldn’t you be saying this to your grandson? 

Isn’t the man supposed to be the one who takes the initiative with this sort of thing?

She’s truly his grandma – she probably knows her grandson isn’t very comfortable with that aspect…

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