Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 887 - In whose hands will the deer die?

Chapter 887: In whose hands will the deer die?

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The next day, early in the morning.

Elders and higher-ups were lining up outside Jin garden waiting to see Si Ye Han. All of them were dressed in bright and auspicious colors, and their servants stood next to them, holding all sorts of gifts.

After going through such major unrest, they obviously had to show their loyalty.

Si Ye Han sat on the sofa in the living room while Ye Wanwan sat next to him lazily.

What surprised her most was that these visitors were mostly the ones attacking her…

“Miss Ye, this is just a little token to show my respect to you. Please accept it!”

“Miss Ye, you’ve suffered – after putting in so much effort to take care of master, you were suspected. That Si Ming Li is simply disgraceful! Please accept all these tonics so that you may supplement your health!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han: “Accept it if you like them.”

So, Ye Wanwan replied, “Thank you.”

Although she expected this to happen, she wasn’t used to their sudden change in attitude.

In the past, even though she had Si Ye Han’s backing, he was severely ill and someone else could’ve taken over his spot anytime. Plus, given her family background, nobody cared about her at all.

Nobody expected Ye Wanwan would stay by their master’s side for so long. Her status even became more secure. Also, she was the one who restored master’s health.

Nothing needed to be said about the power of the Qin family – they were a family friend of the Si family. From ancestral times, many marriages tied these two families, so their relationship was complicated and tricky. All the Qins up to this generation, including Qin Ruo Xi, were simply nurtured and groomed to be the future mistresses of the Si family. Everyone accepted this fact.

Most of the Si family thought well of the Qin family, but seeing that Ye Wanwan wasn’t a simple person, they gradually held her in greater esteem and didn’t dare to act disrespectfully towards her.

It seemed like it was still undetermined whose hands the deer would die in [1]…

Old residence:

Old madam, Qin Feng, Si Ming Rong were in the living room.

Qin Feng came over that day to put some pressure on them.

“Old madam, uncle Rong, the way master handled this was simply disappointing.”

The old madam sighed softly and replied, “Qin Feng, I understand how you feel. Ruo Xi is a good girl – I like her very much and if she could be with Little 9th, that’d obviously be really great.”

“But when Little 9th returned, I already made it clear to you that Little 9th would be taking charge of his own marriage. This was the only condition he had when he agreed to take over as the head of the household, so I can’t break my promise to him.”

“What’s more, I see that Little 9th really likes that girl. In the past, I was always worried that she would hurt Little 9th, but time has proven that she is true to Little 9th…”

Qin Feng’s face turned gloomier as he listened to the old madam. The old madam had told them these things before, but he believed Si Ye Han would absolutely choose Qin Ruo Xi in the end, so he hadn’t taken her seriously.

Who would’ve thought this girl would appear out of nowhere… and Si Ye Han would make her the mistress of the household!

Qin Feng sneered, “So what old madam means is that you will allow that woman to steal our Ruo Xi’s place?”

He didn’t believe that the old madam and Si Ming Rong would really dare to offend the Qin family!

Just how many factions of the Si family were secretly trying to rope in the Qin family right now, huh?

It could even be said that whichever faction the Qin family supported would have greatly increased chances of inheriting the Si family. Even though Si Ye Han was the family head, there were quite a few people secretly eyeing his position on the outside.

When Si Ming Rong heard what was said, he tried to appease Qin Feng. “My good nephew, don’t be worried. Master’s health still needs to be healed by Miss Ye. It’s very common for youngsters to fool around, and no matter how capable master seems right now, I believe that as time passes, he’ll see things more clearly and make the right decisions!”

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