Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 886 - Little young master is missing

Chapter 886: Little young master is missing

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The upheaval that nearly caused the entire Si family and China’s business sector to become a mess suddenly dissipated following news of Si Ye Han’s recovery.

Si Ming Li had always been very cautious and never allowed anyone to have an advantage over him. However, he thought Si Ye Han would die for sure this time, so he was careless and left too many loopholes.

Si Ming Li’s faction was completely expelled from the Si family and at the same time, many of his secret henchmen were exposed. There was a large reshuffling of power in the Si family once again.

Late at night.

“Ahhh—— Dad! It hurts! I’m in pain! Dad, you must take revenge for me! I want them dead! I want them dead!” Si Yi Jie kept rolling around in bed.

This time, not only was one of his legs crippled, but he was tortured and he was completely disabled now.

Si Ming Li obviously didn’t have the energy to worry about this son of his. He yelled with annoyance, “Shut the he** up! Do you think I don’t have enough problems, huh?”

Sitting on the sofa opposite Si Ming Li was his second son, Si Yi Qian, who rushed back from abroad.

Si Yi Qian said gloomily, “Father, you were too careless this time. I told you so many times that you must never let your guard down around Si Ye Han, and I also reminded you that you mustn’t act recklessly. Why did you still…”

Si Ming Li was furious. “Yi Qian, how could you blame me?! The news definitely said Si Ye Han was beyond cure and the doctors even informed us of his critical condition. How could I have known he’d still be alive!”

Seeing that nobody cared about him, Si Yi Jie threw a tantrum on the bed. “Why must it be me?! Why do I have to suffer for father?! Just because I’m the elder son? Si Yi Qian, you’re also his son – why couldn’t it have been you?!”

Si Yi Qian raised his brows with disdain and glanced at Si Yi Jie on the bed. He replied expressionlessly, “Because you’re a useless bum and this is the only thing you could do for the family.”

“YOU! SI YI QIAN, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU! AH…” Si Yi Jie moved and exacerbated his wounds, which caused him to wail once again.

Si Yi Jie glared at him like a madman and yelled, “Ha, Si Yi Qian, I’m a useless bum? What are you then?! You think you’re any better than me? You think you’re so high-class? Do you think that Qin Ruo Xi woman would even take one glance at you, huh?”

“Now that Si Ye Han is getting better and dad was chased out of the Si family, you’re nothing! You can only be a spare tire your whole life!”

In the next second, Si Yi Qian clutched Si Yi Jie’s throat tightly. With just a little more strength, Si Yi Jie would’ve probably died.

“Say that one more time!” Si Yi Qian’s handsome and refined face was now extremely hostile.

“Yi Qian, that’s enough. Why do care about what he says…”

Si Ming Li glanced at his noisy eldest son then turned to Si Yi Qian and said, “That sickly Si Ye Han really thinks he can hide the truth from everyone in China! Yi Qian, don’t worry about it – whether it’s the Si family or a woman, what’s yours will be yours!”


On the other side of the ocean, the morning sun had just risen.

The warm glow from the sun silently basked the vintage manor.

There was a mysterious vintage pattern engraved on the wall at the entrance of the manor. The word “Nie” was written in a seal script [1].

Suddenly, there was a loud crash of porcelain and the maid screamed in a panic, breaking the silence of the morning.

“AH! No… this is bad! Little young master! Little young master is missing!!!”

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