Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 885 - Master, you're really playing along with her, huh?

Chapter 885: Master, you’re really playing along with her, huh?

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“Ay, wrong, master, your whipping technique is too rough! So unprofessional, eh!”

“Wrong, wrong, the angle is wrong…”

“Hey hey hey, let me teach you! There’s a special method to save you trouble…”

In the end, Duan Li Zhao was seen on the verge of breaking down in the footage when he tossed the whip to the ground. “Come! Come, come! You do it! I’ll let you do the interrogating, alright?!”

In the footage, the girl was all smiles and exclaimed excitedly, “Sure!”

After watching the entire footage…

Si Ye Han: “…”

Xu Yi: “…”  There must be something wrong with the way I played the footage…

Duan Li Zhao stood by the side and looked aggrieved. He had almost turned to frost. “9th master… how could I have the guts to lie to you… Miss Ye really wasn’t scared at all…”

Xu Yi hadn’t expected that the truth was completely different from what he thought. Even Si Ye Han went silent and his gaze landed on the girl in the footage. He kept looking at her bright and cheeky eyes…

She’s really cute…

Right at that moment, Duan Li Zhao’s phone started ringing…

It was unclear what the caller said, but Duan Li Zhao’s expression turned even more indescribable.

“What is it?” Xu Yi asked.

Duan Li Zhao choked a little and replied, “That… that man agreed to confess…”

Xu Yi: “That spy who stole our trade secrets?”

Duan Li Zhao: “Yes, that… the one in the footage… he was locked up for over three months and I used all sorts of methods, but he just wouldn’t speak up…”

Xu Yi: “Then why did he agree to confess all of a sudden?”

As Xu Yi spoke, he turned to look at the footage. He had a sort of… not-so-clever guess…

Duan Li Zhao: “He said he would confess… but he had a condition.”

Xu Yi: “What?”

Duan Li Zhao: “Don’t hand him over to Miss Ye…”

Xu Yi: “…”

Xu Yi had no idea what to say…

Miss Wanwan simply entered the dark chamber once and not only was she not traumatized, but she even scared the spy so badly that he agreed to confess?

“9th master…” Duan Li Zhao carefully looked at the man on the sofa.

Si Ye Han waved, indicating that he could leave.

Duan Li Zhao heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly retreated like he just received amnesty. Xu Yi also kept the laptop on the coffee table.

Xu Yi was about to speak to Si Ye Han when footsteps came from upstairs. Ye Wanwan was done showering and was coming down.

Since they were at home, Ye Wanwan wasn’t wearing anything formal and simply wore her fluffy pink bunny pajamas. She looked innocent and harmless, and one would never make a connection between her present self and the girl in the footage.



“En en, I’m done, I’m done, hug!”

She had already done the body check-up, drank the ginger soup and showered – she could finally get a hug, right?

Si Ye Han didn’t have any demands this time and willingly took her into his arms.

Once Ye Wanwan smelled his familiar scent, she immediately started to yawn…

Ever since Si Ye Han spat out blood and went into a coma, she hadn’t slept a wink.

Si Ye Han furrowed his brows. “Go to bed.”

Ye Wanwan whined, “You have to accompany me. I don’t want to sleep alone… I’m scared. Ah-jiu, you have no idea how scary and gloomy that dark chamber was. If you woke up any later, I would’ve had a psychological shadow forever…”

Xu Yi: “…”

Si Ye Han looked at her and kissed her forehead. “Alright, I’ll accompany you.”

Xu Yi: “…”

Master, you’re really playing along with her, huh…

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