Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 884 - 9th master, I was wronged!

Chapter 884: 9th master, I was wronged!

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Jin garden:

While most people could meet again after a long separation, Si Ye Han and Ye Wanwan had nearly been separated forever.

Ye Wanwan wanted to hug her beauty affectionately, but as soon as they returned home, Si Ye Han arranged for over ten doctors to check up on her to confirm she didn’t have any injuries. She was also forced to drink a huge bowl of super-ultra-disgusting ginger soup before she was chased upstairs to take a hot shower…

What a serious lack of emotions…

Meanwhile, Si Ye Han sat on the sofa downstairs like an ice sculpture.

Si Ming Li’s two confidants were dealt with and the torturer in the dark chamber, Duan Li Zhao, had an ashen face as he stood before Si Ye Han. “9th master, I didn’t… I swear to god! I didn’t do anything to hurt Miss Ye at all!”

As he thought about what happened to those two guards, Duan Li Zhao, who had been in charge of punishing prisoners for many years, felt a fear that was even more frightening than all the punishments combined as he stood before Si Ye Han.

At this moment, Xu Yi was holding a USB in his hand and he rushed over. “9th master, I got the CCTV footage of the dark chamber.”

Currently, Xu Yi was covered in a cold sweat. If Miss Wanwan suffered in the dark chamber… he really couldn’t imagine the consequences.

Even though the doctors already conducted a thorough check on Miss Wanwan and confirmed she was physically unharmed, the scars from threats and intimidation from a place like the dark chamber would be harder to heal psychologically.

Even if Duan Li Zhao didn’t cause any substantial harm to Miss Wanwan, he would definitely be doomed considering master’s temper if he scared her even a little…

Si Ye Han: “Play it.”

Xu Yi glanced at Duan Li Zhao helplessly. “Yes…”

Duan Li Zhao had worked for the Si family for many years and had always been in charge of the dark chamber. Although he was similar to his immediate superior, Si Ming Rong, and was quite inflexible, he was very loyal towards the Si family. But this time, he violated 9th master’s greatest taboo…

Xu Yi didn’t dare to delay further as he inserted the USB into the laptop and played the footage immediately.

After scanning through the video, Ye Wanwan’s figure appeared on the screen.

She seemed confident that Si Ye Han would recover. She had delicate makeup on her face and was wearing a stunning dress. Her expression was calm and she was taken inside by Si Ming Li’s confidants…

“AH AH AH AH——”An ear-piercing shriek came from the laptop.

In the dark chamber, a man’s chest was burnt till his skin split and his flesh protruded. He was drenched in fresh blood that made even Xu Yi cringe a little as he watched by the side, but Si Ye Han’s face turned even more terrifying.

“AHHHHHH——” The heart-wrenching screams grew louder and Ye Wanwan was brought to the cell opposite the man being punished.

Xu Yi swallowed and almost didn’t dare to continue watching. No matter how strong Ye Wanwan was, she was still a young lady who just turned 20 years old – how could she stand to look at such things…

When 9th master went to pick up Miss Wanwan just now, Miss Wanwan was so scared that she fell into 9th master’s arms immediately. She must’ve been really frightened…

Thoughts ran through Xu Yi’s mind before he heard Ye Wanwan’s clear voice from the laptop…

“What era are we in right now? You guys are still using such an old-fashioned method of torture?”

Ye Wanwan was seen hopping closer to the cell, stretching her head to look inside and even shaking her head while she criticized the guards with disdain.

“Ay, let me tell you guys – this sort of torture only works on small fishes and prawns…”

“Hey, do you guys have any idea what mental torture is? Do you guys need me to teach you…”

“Oh right, there’s more, there’s more, the tenth method is…”

Xu Yi watched as the two guards fled while Ye Wanwan continued watching Duan Li Zhao with her eyes glistening. She started chattering…

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