Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 883 - Live till your coffin rots

Chapter 883: Live till your coffin rots

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There is now…

Following Si Ye Han’s cold words, there was a dead silence in the gruesome dark chamber. None of the elders dared to say a word.

Si Ming Rong frowned and didn’t refute in the end.

At the end of the day, this situation was really not in their favor…

If Si Ye Han disrupted the state of the family clan for a woman, normally, he would have to be stopped, but this woman restored his health, which was tantamount to saving the entire family clan.

The rest of the elders hid in the corner and they all chose to feign death. Although the master’s actions were a little over-the-top, they were in no place to comment at this time.

Furthermore… who would dare to…

It was probably over for Si Ming Li this time…

There were some elders who realized they were still wearing the little white flower Si Ming Li gave them for the funeral and they quickly took it off.

“Si Ye Han! Don’t you dare!!!”

Si Ming Li was in disbelief. He couldn’t believe Si Ye Han would actually do this!

“Young man, don’t forget that when your dad died, who supported the Si family? Now that you spread your wings, this is how you treat me, huh?!”

Seeing that Si Ye Han was pushing him to his death, Si Ming Li couldn’t play pretend any longer and he started shouting crazily.

The old madam’s face turned ugly when she heard that.

This Si Ming Li had been resting on his laurels and was very arrogant and ambitious, getting increasingly out of control…

She was just being considerate of Si Ye Han’s illness, so she hadn’t dared to do anything reckless, but who knew that Si Ming Li would get so greedy – the more he got, the more he wanted.

Si Ming Li was still yelling: “The Si family should belong to me. Who are you to take it away?! Master, sh*tty master!”

Seeing that he was getting more and more out of hand, the old madam gave the guard a meaningful glance. “Take him down.”


Si Ming Li was quickly dragged away and his shouts echoed in the dark chamber, “Dumb guy… you’ll die a horrible death! Let’s see how much longer you have to live-”

A tinge of cold light flashed in Ye Wanwan’s eyes. She laid on Si Ye Han’s chest and glared frostily in the direction where Si Ming Li was being dragged away. “Don’t worry about that – he’ll live till your coffin rots!”

Upon hearing this nasty comment from her, Si Ye Han’s frozen expression warmed up a little.

Ye Wanwan then seemed to have remembered something as she started to look worried.

Si Ye Han simply discharged Si Ming Li of all his official duties and expelled him from the family clan – this was the same as chasing him out of the Si family. By doing so, wouldn’t they never find out who the mastermind was?

However, the opposite might happen. As the saying went, “A cornered dog will jump over the wall.” [1] – he might be so desperate that he would reveal the cards in his hand…

“Ah-Jiu, hurry up and get out of here. It’s very cold – not good for your body!” The old madam urged him.

Si Ye Han nodded. He carried Ye Wanwan out then strode out of the dark chamber.

Qin Ruo Xi, wearing a white dress, stared gloomily at the man who was holding Ye Wanwan protectively and she walked away silently.

“Ruo Xi, what happened?” Qin Feng asked in a low voice over the phone.

“Father, Ah-Jiu has recovered. The doctor said there shouldn’t be anything serious with his health anymore.”

“This guy… we really can’t lower our guard around him! Si Ming Li, that fool, lost his cool – serves him right. He can’t even win over someone of the younger generation!”

After Qin Feng was done talking, he added, “Since Si Ye Han’s fine now, we’ll stick to the original plan. We won’t consider the other options. After all, there’s only one man in the entire Si family who’s worthy of you.”

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