Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 882 - I make the rules

Chapter 882: I make the rules

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Isn’t 9th master about to die? Why did he come here and how does he look perfectly fine?

They only dared to do this to this woman because they thought 9th master was dying and Si Ming Li would be taking over the family…

Si Ye Han was only focused on one thing. His eyes grazed past everyone as he walked towards the girl…

When he saw her in the dark chamber, his pitch-black eyes suddenly deepened.

There, he saw her in a little red dress. Her black hair fell over her shoulders, she had a rosy complexion and her cherry blossom lips looked tender. In this gloomy and terrifying dark chamber, she was like a rose in full bloom – unbelievably beautiful, illuminating the darkness…

Si Ye Han froze for a moment and he stood in front of her. His breath was slightly ragged as the rage in his eyes rose. “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Ye Wanwan smiled. Her eyes looked like a myriad of stars in the galaxy. “I was waiting for you! What if you woke up and didn’t see me?”

Aside from Si Xia, an unexpected person suddenly appeared at Jin garden in the middle of the night and wanted to take her away. However, she already made the decision to stay and obviously didn’t follow him.

As for how she actually got that person to compromise… uh, it was best that Si Ye Han didn’t know about it…

I was waiting for you…

What if you woke up and didn’t see me…

Si Ye Han’s heart was shaken as he looked at her standing before him saying those words with such a sweet smile. At the same time, the air around him became colder…

It might’ve been because the prison was too gloomy that everyone felt a chill up their spines.

*Swish* Si Ye Han took off his blazer and strode over to Ye Wanwan, wrapping her body up.

Si Ye Han had a terrifying look on his face; he looked like a demon that had just stepped out of hell. Ye Wanwan fell into his embrace and said shyly, “What took you so long… I was so scared…”

Guard A: “…”

Guard B: “…”

Torturer: “…”

A certain someone lying on the ground: “…”

Si Ye Han looked at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi immediately whipped out the phone and walked up to Si Ming Li.


Si Yi Jie’s blood-curdling shrieks came through the receiver.

“YI JIE!!!”

Si Ming Li’s face was as white as sheet.

Lately, Si Ye Han had been recuperating and hadn’t gotten involved in any bloody fights. He even forgot how ruthless this man was.

Si Ye Han covered Ye Wanwan’s ears and didn’t let her hear Si Yi Jie’s horrifying screams.

After that, he shot an icy glance towards Si Ming Li. His eyes lacked any human emotion. “From today onwards, Si Ming Li will be discharged from all duties and is expelled from the family clan. He is not allowed to join the clan again for the rest of his life.”

The moment Si Ye Han said those words, everyone was stunned.

“Wh-what!!!” Si Ming Li’s expression changed completely. “How can you do that?! I don’t agree to this – this punishment isn’t according to the rules! Yi Jie already took the punishment in my place, right?”

With his status in the Si family, he thought the worst that could happen was his son’s other leg getting crippled, but who knew that Si Ye Han could be so heartless?

“Sis-in-law…” Si Ming Li looked at the old madam by the side.

The old madam shut her eyes without a care for Si Ming Li.

“Big bro! Say something! The master is being so unreasonable. How could you not care?!”

Si Ming Li clenched his fists and there was a subtle change in his eyes.

Si Ye Han was the master of the Si family, but the Si family wasn’t controlled by him alone!

Si Ming Rong stepped forward and said in a deep voice, “Master, this punishment is too serious. There’s no such punishment in the family rules!”

Si Ye Han: “There isn’t?”

Si Ming Rong felt like he was soaking in a cold pond when the man’s eyes were on him. “Yes…”

Si Ye Han’s gaze swept past all the people who were ready to defend Si Ming Li and he said indifferently, “There is now.”


I make the Si family’s rules.

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