Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 881 - It's easier to invite a devil than to send it away

Chapter 881: It’s easier to invite a devil than to send it away

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Even the look on Si Ye Han’s face changed. “Dark chamber…”

He clearly arranged for someone to protect her and allow her to leave safely…

When he didn’t see her the moment he woke up, he assumed she definitely left China already…

Dark chamber!

That’s the Si family’s prison!

Even if a living person walked out of there, they would leave crippled…

A sudden cold and menacing atmosphere emerged in the ward…

In the dark chamber:

Si Ming Li’s phone rang and it was a call from Feng Yi Ping.

Si Ming Li said in an annoyed tone, “Hello? What is it?!”

At the other end of the phone, Feng Yi Ping reported in a low voice, “We have a problem, fourth elder. 9th master knows about it and is rushing towards the prison right now…”

“You… what did you just say…”

Si Ming Li was panicking.

After he hung up, Si Ming Li quickly wiped off the sweat on his forehead and walked towards Ye Wanwan. He had a complete change in attitude and smiled as he performed a 90-degree bow. “Ye… Miss Ye…”

Ye Wanwan had a faint smile and looked at Si Ming Li. “Everything’s fine. Why’s 4th uncle being so ceremonious suddenly?”

Upon hearing her saying the exact same thing Si Ye Han said, Si Ming Li’s face nearly contorted into a snarl but he suppressed his anger. “Miss Ye, please pardon me for being disrespectful before – I was simply too worried about master’s health and just wanted to be able to answer the elders at the hospital so my tone was a little harsh… as a girl, your immune system is weaker and it’s really chilly here. You should hurry up and leave!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t mind at all. “Fourth uncle, it’s no big deal. It’s very spacious here and very interesting. There are also free performances by an expert!”


Si Ming Li’s face twitched and he finally couldn’t hold his anger back anymore. “Ye Wanwan, I’m warning you – don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit [1]!”

Ye Wanwan: “Thank you very much, fourth uncle, but I don’t drink.”

As he watched the time passing by slowly while Si Ye Han was already on his way down, Si Ming Li finally revealed his true nature.

“Why are you guys still standing there?! Help Miss Ye leave this place!” Si Ming Li ordered coldly.

“Yes!” The two guards gave each other a knowing look and grabbed Ye Wanwan aggressively.

In the next second, before he could touch Ye Wanwan, one of them was sent flying with a kick.

“AH—” Following that, the other man fell to the ground after feeling a severe pain to his knee.

Although he heard this woman was pretty skilled, he was completely stunned when he saw that his confidants couldn’t even get close to her.

Ye Wanwan caressed her fingers and looked at Si Ming Li. She laughed casually. “I wonder if fourth uncle has heard of this phrase before?”

Si Ming Li knitted his brows tightly.

Ye Wanwan continued, “It’s easier to invite a devil than to send it away.”

Si Ming Li was so mad that he nearly spat out blood. “You…”

At this moment, there were numerous footsteps coming towards them from a distance.

Si Ming Li turned around and saw a threatening figure. His entire body stiffened…

“Mas… master…”

Aside from Si Ye Han, the old madam was there too and behind them was Xu Yi, Xu Chang Kun, Si Ming Rong, Feng Yi Ping and the group of elders. They all arrived grandly.

“9th master…” The torturer was stunned then he bowed respectfully.

“9th… 9th master!” It was as if the two guards had just seen a ghost. They stood up immediately and knelt at the side, trembling with fear.

They didn’t think 9th master would actually come to the dark chamber!

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