Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 880 - Sorry, I'm not done having fun

Chapter 880: Sorry, I’m not done having fun

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Ye Wanwan continued criticizing and the big brother, who was executing the torture, cracked the whip in his hands. “Come! Come, come! You do it! I’ll let you do the interrogating, alright?!”

Ye Wanwan grinned. “Sure!”

The mole who was pretending to be dead immediately stiffened up. His eyes widened as he shook his head violently with fear. Big bro! Please continue whipping me! Don’t swap with her!

At this moment, footsteps were approaching. Si Ming Li’s confidants came over.

“Duan-ge, open the door. Let this woman out!” one of them said.

Ye Wanwan was leaning against the bars. When she heard that, her expression changed and she looked at the two of them coldly.

Let me out…?

The big brother who was in charge of torture looked like he was about to break down. It was as if they were his knights in shining armor. “You guys are finally here! This woman is really something else… did you guys bring her here to be tortured or to torture me?”

The two of them looked at each other then looked at excited Ye Wanwan, whose eyes were glistening. Then they turned to the big brother who looked like he was breaking down and they could roughly guess what happened.

Thankfully, they came over in time…

“Stop chatting. Open up and let her go!” The two of them urged him. Although they didn’t know why their boss wanted to let her go, they only needed to execute his orders. The big brother didn’t need to know anymore either and quickly went over to open the cell door. “My little grand-aunt, please get out! Stop bothering me!”

Ye Wanwan raised her brows and stood in the same spot. “Get out? Who said I wanted to leave?”

The three of them were immediately dumbfounded.

“Miss Ye, didn’t you hear us? We said we’re letting you go!”

Ye Wanwan yawned and directly sat down on the floor cross-legged. “Who wants to leave? You guys can just let anybody else out; I’m not done having fun yet.”

The three people: “…”  What?

The mole who was whipped till his skin hung in tatters and his flesh was battered: “…!!!”

I… I want to get out, eh…

While the three of them were in a daze, Si Ming Li’s footsteps could be heard coming from behind them as he rushed over. “Where is she? Have you let her out yet?” Si Ming Li probed urgently.

The guard looked at Ye Wanwan then answered, appearing like he was in a very difficult situation. “Uh, fourth elder, she… she’s not willing to leave…”

“Useless! You can’t even do such a simple task! Get lost!”

Seeing how flustered and frustrated Si Ming Li was, Ye Wanwan already knew that… Si Ye Han was awake… and he was fine… otherwise, Si Ming Li would never have “chased” her out with such urgency.

Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. The big, heavy rock in her heart was finally gone.

Meanwhile, in the ward:

The old madam hugged Si Ye Han and cried emotionally for a very long time.

Si Ye Han soothed the old madam as he looked out the window into the distance and felt like something was off.

Xu Yi was standing by the side and was extremely anxious. Finally, he found a chance to speak. “9th master…”

Feng Yi Ping quickly interrupted Xu Yi: “Housekeeper Xu, master just escaped from death. He must have many things to say to old madam. Let’s not stay here and disturb them!”

The old madam held her grandson’s hand tightly. “All of you should leave first. I’d like to talk to Ah-Jiu!”

Xu Yi’s expression turned frosty. He ignored Feng Yi Ping who tried to stop him and directly said, “9th master, old madam, Miss Wanwan is still in the dark chamber!”

When the old madam heard that, her face changed instantly. “What did you say? Wanwan’s in the dark chamber?”

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