Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 879 - Get her out immediately

Chapter 879: Get her out immediately

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Si Ming Li was still kneeling on the ground. His face stiffened and he was twitching as he said, “I… I heard the doctor said you’re awake, so I was too excited – way too excited!”

He then stood up and pretended like nothing happened.

Damn it. Not only is Si Ye Han perfectly fine, but his health is starting to improve! How’s this possible?!

“Dr. Liu, is there really nothing seriously wrong with master’s health?” Si Ming Li probed.

When the chief specialist heard that, he was embarrassed and said, “Sorry, I made an incorrect diagnosis just now and didn’t check things clearly. Old Sun is more experienced and Mr. Si is really out of danger…”

At this moment, a hobbling figure walked in with a servant. “Dr. Liu, did you tell the truth just now?!”

Specialist Liu saw that the old madam was walking in and he hurriedly replied, “Old madam, Old Sun and I confirmed and checked together – we’re not wrong.”

Sun Bai Cao looked at the old madam and pacified her, “Old madam, please calm down. It’s proven now that Miss Wanwan’s recuperation methods were extremely effective and as long as she continues, even 9th master’s old illness has a 50% chance of fully recovering!”

“That’s fantastic! That’s really great! This is a blessing from our ancestors! A blessing!” The old madam was extremely emotional as she walked up to Si Ye Han and scanned her grandson up and down. Seeing that he was standing there healthy, not looking pale anymore, she was very elated.

Upon seeing that things had reached an end, Si Ming Li’s body was trembling as he took a gulp.

Before, he merely criticized the girl and one of Yi Jie’s legs was crippled for being disrespectful to the mistress of the household…

If Si Ye Han found out he had locked the girl up in the dark chamber without permission…

Moreover, now the girl was not only the future mistress of the household, but she also saved master’s life too!

Taking this opportunity now that Si Ye Han was placating the old madam, Si Ming Li retreated from the crowd silently then hurriedly called his confidant.

“Hey! Where’s that woman?”

“We took her to the dark chamber already. Should we begin the torture?”

“Torture my a**! Hurry, get her out of there right now!”

“Ah… get… get her out?”

“YES! Immediately! Right now! Don’t ask why!”

“Uh, okay…”

Si family’s dark chamber:

After the two guards at the entrance received the call from Si Ming Li, they rushed back, baffled.

Meanwhile, Ye Wanwan was squatting there with her chin in her hand and was looking at the man in the opposite chamber getting tortured.

From the punisher and the prisoner’s conversation, she found out that the man had infiltrated the Si family and stole a large number of trade secrets. He had been locked up for three months already and his lips were still sealed, unwilling to reveal who the mastermind was…

“Ay, wrong, master, your whipping technique is too rough! So unprofessional, eh!”

“The angle is wrong! Really, it’s not painful at all if you whip this way and you’re wasting your energy! Look, you’re already sweating all over and he hasn’t even told you a thing!”

“Let me teach you! There’s a special method to save you trouble. It’s called ‘the feeling of deprivation’ – just lock him up somewhere without any natural light, sounds or smells and let him wear something that’s very soft. He won’t feel a thing when he wears it which will make him lose all senses, including his sense of time. Let me tell you, a normal person would have a mental breakdown in such a situation in less than 16 hours. Even for those who received special training before, they would only be able to last a day at most…”

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