Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 878

Chapter 878: Why is fourth uncle being so ceremonious suddenly?

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Xu Yi’s body trembled slightly. “9th master…”

Si Ming Rong looked devastated. “Is there any way master could speak a few words to us…”

Si Ye Han had fallen ill too suddenly and he hadn’t even left any words behind.

While appearing sad, Si Ming Li patted Si Ming Rong’s shoulder. “Second brother, my deepest sympathies! It’s already quite a feat that master was able to hang on till now… the Si family still has us…”

When the chief specialist heard his words, his expression became even uglier. He glanced at Si Ming Li with an indescribable expression and coughed lightly. “Mr. Si is awake.”

Si Ming Rong was overjoyed all of a sudden. “What? Awake!?”

“Yes, Mr. Si, he…”

The specialist wasn’t able to complete his sentence. Si Ming Li was stunned; he thought it was just a momentary recovery of consciousness before his death. Si Ming Li quickly interrupted the specialist and said urgently, “Let’s go inside then! Hurry and check if sis is awake and bring her over! Otherwise, I’m afraid she might not be able to see him for the last time…”

“Yes!” The guards by the side sprinted off to get the old madam.

Specialist: “…”

Forget it, they’ll figure it out when they get in…

Hence, the group of elders hurriedly followed behind the specialist and entered the ward.

Si Ming Li had already mentally prepared himself. The moment he stepped inside, his eyes turned red and he shot towards the hospital bed like an arrow then he knelt on the floor.

“Master! Master, ah – don’t worry about us…”  Just go…

In the next second, halfway through his cries, that fake mournful expression stiffened on his face like ice.

All he saw was a white hospital bed with nobody lying on it. Instead, he found a pair of long straight legs appearing before him.

Si Ming Li’s back froze and his gaze slowly shifted upwards as a fear he had never felt before swept over him…

“Why is fourth uncle being so ceremonious suddenly?” Si Ye Han straightened his sleeves as he looked down condescendingly at Si Ming Li, who was at his feet.

Si Ye Han, who was supposed to be lying on his deathbed, had already changed out of his hospital attire and was wearing a tailor-made suit Ye Wanwan gave him. He even had a dark-colored rose embroidered on the pocket of his chest and with his charming face, it looked even more eye-catching.

At the moment, he was standing against the light from the window and was arranging his cuffs casually. He didn’t look like he was about to die at all. Instead, he looked radiant with an icy gaze…

“Ah-” Si Ming Li’s eyes constricted to its limits. He was so frightened that he took two steps back like he had just seen a ghost. “You… you-you…”

Not only Si Ming Li, but Si Ming Rong and the other elders were completely taken aback like they were looking at a real ghost.

Then Sun Bai Cao explained, “Congratulations, congratulations. 9th master is in good health now. The blood he spat out just now was the pooled blood that was in his body for years and he entered a deep sleep temporarily so his body could heal itself.”

Si Ming Rong took some time to return to his senses until he was able to speak again. “That… is master’s health… still in any danger right now?”

Sun Bai Cao laughed. “Although 9th master’s illness can’t be completely cured, his condition has stabilized. As long as he continues to take care of his health, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll fully recover.”

“It’s all thanks to Ye Wanwan’s meticulous care lately. As 9th master’s attending physician, I’m honestly ashamed; all of you should really thank her properly!”

After hearing what Sun Bai Cao said, Si Ming Li was dumbfounded and in disbelief. He was completely stunned!

How could it be that Si Ye Han, who was near death just moments ago, became alive and kicking in the next second?!

I… I just sent that cheap woman to prison! 

Dead… dead meat…


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