Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 877 - He wasn't dead

Chapter 877: He wasn’t dead

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Outside the ward:

Xu Chang Kun had a grave expression. “We must quickly think of a way – it’s way too dangerous for Miss Wanwan to be taken away by Si Ming Li’s people like that. But the old madam is ill and now that the entire Si family is under the control of the elders, our actions are being monitored closely as well…”

When Xu Yi heard that, he looked at his father and was hesitant to speak.

Ever since Dr. Sun said he had six months left to live, 9th master had been preparing for his own “death” and already expected something like this would happen.

He assumed there was only one outcome… that Miss Wanwan herself wouldn’t be willing to leave…

Damn it! Why did things have to turn out this way, 9th master’s health was already improving…

In the ward:

Dr. Sun closed his eyes and focused on taking Si Ye Han’s pulse. “Let’s wait a little more…”

The chief specialist, who was wearing a white coat, looked proud as he spoke with an affirmative tone: “Old Sun, although you’re the top expert in Chinese medicine, there’s no doubt about Si Ye Han’s condition. We should inform them immediately. Otherwise, they might not even be able to see him one last time!”

When faced with the expert’s questioning, Dr. Sun was indifferent. He refuted, “With pent-up troubles, he would naturally have poor Qi and blood flow. The blood caused a blockage at the bottom of his heart for many years. After 9th master spat out blood, although his body was extremely weak and it seemed like his life was on the line, the fact is that his channels are cleared now. Right now, he’s only in a deep sleep and needs some time to recover…”

When the chief specialist heard Dr. Sun, he gave a look of disdain. “Old Sun, all this is just your assumptions! But what I have are Si Ye Han’s stats which tells me he won’t be able to last even half a day!”

Previously, he strongly advocated for the surgery, but in the end, Sun Bai Cao chose to let that woman give it a try. Sun Bai Cao’s words held more weight than his – the old madam and master trusted him more and now that things had turned out this way, he was very convinced of his own judgment.

The other doctors pretty much shared the same sentiments as well. He’s at his last breath already, how’s this considered sleeping?


Just as Dr. Sun and the group of experts were discussing Si Ye Han’s condition, a very light cough was heard in the ward.

All the experts and doctors turned to the hospital bed instantly.

All they saw was the guy, who was given the “death sentence,” opening his eyes slowly. His gaze wasn’t murky and lifeless like someone who was dying. Instead, it was clear and bright.

“Si… Mr. Si…”

At the same time, the experts were stunned to see that on the monitor, it showed that all of Si Ye Han’s vital signs had started to recover…

On the hospital bed, Si Ye Han felt as if he had walked on a very, very long road. After he woke up, he felt good; his entire body had never felt so good.

His gaze swept across the area slowly and finally, it stopped at the sun rays that were peeping through the gaps of the leaves outside the window…

He thought the end of the road would be the end of him and hadn’t expected that…

He wasn’t dead…

Wanwan… all the arrangements are already in order…

At this moment… she should’ve already left…

The experts were in a mess. “Q-q-q-quick… go tell the elders…”

Outside the ward, Si Ming Li, who had left to prepare for Si Ye Han’s funeral at the funeral hall, rushed back quickly and said to Si Ming Rong, “Second brother, I already prepared everything. Everything is in order!”

Si Ming Rong nodded lethargically. “Alright…”

There seemed to be some noise coming from the ward then the door was pushed open with the experts pouring out.

When he saw the chief specialist, who had told them to prepare for a funeral, hanging his head low, beads of cold sweat started forming on his face.

Everybody’s hearts sank when they saw the specialist’s expression. Could it be that master has… passed away…

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