Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 874 - Bear all the consequences

Chapter 874: Bear all the consequences

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Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

At the little house of Rose, the five-men mercenary group was huddled together, worrying.

“Ay, Si Ye Han is dying from his illness! Our master is going to be upset…”

“That might not be the case – although master has feelings toward him, there are still millions of other beauties even if this beauty died, right!”

“The main point is that if Si Ye Han died, wouldn’t we have to relocate? After all, the master is staying here because of him…”

“Maybe… Ay, I really can’t bear to leave this place – look at the beautiful flowers I trimmed! It’s been so long since I’ve been so comfortable…”

“Jiao Jiao doesn’t want to leave either…”

Qin residence:

Qin Ruo Xi’s father, Qin Feng, rushed back from abroad that very night.


“How are things now?”

“There’s no news at the moment, but judging from the current situation, things look bad… Before, Sun Bai Cao already predicted Si Ye Han wouldn’t last 6 months. Now, it’s estimated that he’s probably at the end of his life. The improvements in his health we saw earlier was probably the final radiance from the setting sun…”

“Hng, that guy is too blind. If he chose to marry you, he would have a couple more years to live! Until things are confirmed, don’t make a move yet. There are numerous people who will deal with that woman for you,” Qin Feng said sternly.

“Yes, father.”

Qin Ruo Xi’s eyes were ice-cold. Since I can’t get him… I’ll just destroy him… 

The next day, Beijing suburban hospital:

All the elders were waiting anxiously outside the ward for the results.

Si Ming Li scanned around then asked intentionally, “Where’s that woman?”

Feng Yi Ping mocked, “I don’t know, I didn’t see her at all since last night. Could it be that she dreaded the punishment and ditched town?”

“Ay, we shouldn’t have let her leave yesterday!”

The elders were fuming as they heard a pair of footsteps from the walkway.

Compared to the fair Qin Ruo Xi, Ye Wanwan was wearing a bright red dress and had delicate makeup on. She walked over slowly and wasn’t panicking at all like they imagined, not to mention looking guilty or dreading punishment.

Seeing how Ye Wanwan was acting, Feng Yi Ping showed a look of disgust. “Life and death is uncertain for master, yet she dared to show up wearing such a garish dress? Such indecency!”

Si Ming Rong, who hadn’t spoken yet, looked at Ye Wanwan with an ugly expression and just as he was about to speak, Sun Bai Cao and a group of professionals came out of the ward.

Si Ming Rong: “Doctor, how’s our master’s condition?”

Everyone hurriedly stepped forward. Si Ming Li didn’t even have time to worry about Ye Wanwan as he stared at Sun Bai Cao with anticipation on his face.

“The patient is in a coma right now. His breathing is shallow and his condition isn’t very optimistic. We’re still investigating the cause… prepare for the worst… and prepare what needs to be done…” one of the professionals reminded them euphemistically.


This was almost akin to dealing out the death penalty and preparing for death!

After hearing this, everyone exploded.

Si Ming Li roared immediately, “Guards, grab this woman! Lock her up – I want to interrogate her!”

Suddenly, two tall and ferocious guards walked towards Ye Wanwan.

Looking at Si Ming Li without the slightest trace of warmth on her face, Ye Wanwan said, “Si Ming Li…”

Si Ming Li raised his brows. “What’s wrong? Does our future mistress of the household have something to say?”

With a blank expression, Ye Wanwan replied, “The final outcome of master’s checkup isn’t out, yet fourth uncle is already eagerly trying to incite rumors and take the law into your own hands, using the public to avenge personal grievances! If I’m proven to be innocent, I wonder what would happen to fourth uncle, huh?”

Si Ming Li was fearless. He instantly burst out in laughter. “HAHAHA, you’re innocent? At a time like this, you still dare to brag, huh!”

Not unless she’s able to get Si Ye Han to rise from the dead and jump out of the bed now… she’s actually thinking of getting off the hook? What a joke!

Si Ming Li sneered, “If you’re innocent, I, Si Ming Li, will bear all the consequences!”

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