Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 875 - Wouldn't beg me to come out

Chapter 875: Wouldn’t beg me to come out

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Ye Wanwan glanced at Si Ming Rong and the group of elders. “Second uncle and all the elders present here, I hope all of you can bear witness to what fourth uncle just said.”

All the elders had a darkened expression and a look of disdain; they disapproved of Ye Wanwan’s quibbling too.

Si Ming Rong looked at the mess the Si family was facing right now and felt regret – he shouldn’t have allowed the master to do whatever he wanted. If they dealt with this woman earlier on, things wouldn’t be in this state today.

If they completed the organ transplant that time, the master would’ve had at least a few more years to live…

After speaking, Si Ming Li walked to Si Ming Rong’s side and said respectfully, “Second brother, sis isn’t feeling well right now and you have to take care of the hospital matters. Just let me deal with such a small matter! I’ll make sure to do a thorough check on this woman!”

Si Ming Rong glanced at Si Ming Li and didn’t speak – this was equivalent to silent approval of Si Ming Li’s suggestion.

Seeing as Si Ming Rong didn’t disagree, Xu Chang Kun stood up instantly. “Although Miss Wanwan disagreed to the operation, she only did it for the sake of master’s health and nobody expected things would turn out this way. How could we simply accuse Miss Wanwan of premeditated murder just like that! Furthermore, master hasn’t…”

“XU CHANG KUN!” Si Ming Li sneered and interrupted him, “How could you say something so despicable just because this woman saved your son beore, huh?”

Xu Chang Kun: “I’m merely stating the facts!”

“The fact is that she charmed our master and plotted against his life, causing an uproar in the Si family! This woman has committed crimes against the Si family; how could you defend a criminal?!”

“Si Ming Li, you…”

Ye Wanwan took a step forward and pulled back the enraged Xu Chang Kun. She glanced disapprovingly at Si Ming Li, who was beaming, and said plainly, “I can go to prison, but I hope by then, fourth uncle wouldn’t beg me to come out.”

“Hahahaha, that’s ridiculous!” Si Ming Li sneered coldly, “Miss Ye, with these charges, you couldn’t ever dream of getting out!”

“Take her away!!!”


A couple well-trained and highly-skilled bodyguards stepped forward and surrounded Ye Wanwan, taking her away.

Seeing that this woman had finally landed in his hands, Si Ming Li felt invigorated and all his worries were swept away!

B*tch, it’s really naive of you to think you can leave the Si family’s prison alive!

With Si Ye Han’s current condition, he could pass away anytime, and all the elders were waiting in the ward. They didn’t dare to leave at all. Si Ming Li already volunteered to make funeral preparations in advance…

Si family’s prison:

The moment Ye Wanwan stepped inside, a chill went up her spine. There was a bloody scent lingering in the air, mixed with something musty and the smell of rusty metals. It was extremely nauseating.

“Ah ah ah——” Horrifying screams came from the depths of the passageway.

Ye Wanwan had long heard of this place. The people locked up here were all traitors of the family clan and included moles secretly planted by their enemies – it was the darkest place in the Si family’s territory.

She had been very timid since she was little and she was afraid of blood. If this was the past, she would’ve probably been scared to death if witnessed such a gruesome and bloody scene. However, probably because she had gone through a lot, she didn’t feel so disturbed at the moment.

The two people who escorted her there were Si Ming Li’s confidants. Seeing how Ye Wanwan was in a daze, they simply thought she was scared out of her wits.

One of them spoke in a threatening tone, “Since you had the guts to plot against the family head, you’ll end up like these people!”

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