Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 873 - You're useless

Chapter 873: You’re useless

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Si Xia had been watching from the sidelines for a very long time and thought Ye Wanwan saw things clearly for herself, but he hadn’t expected she would still be persisting on the wrong path.

Si Xia warned her sternly, “Let’s not talk about Qin Ruo Xi’s henchmen yet; you crippled one of Si Yi Jie’s legs, so Si Ming Li wants your life for sure! You have to leave before tomorrow. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to leave even if you wanted to!”

Ye Wanwan glanced at the things on the table. These things took days to prepare, yet Si Xia actually delivered these things the moment something happened to Si Ye Han.

This meant he’d always been prepared for this…

No one believed someone like her, who had no comprehension of medicine, could cure Si Ye Han – Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping held those beliefs, and so did Si Xia.

“Thank you, nephew. I didn’t think you’d be so filial…” Ye Wanwan smiled then the smile disappeared as she adopted an indifferent expression. “But there’s no need for this.”

Si Xia immediately stood up. “Ye Wanwan! Are you an idiot?!”

Ye Wanwan grinned. “Don’t be mad. You don’t look handsome when you’re angry.”

Upon hearing this familiar tone… Si Xia went blank…

Si Xia was so enraged by her indifference and her tone as she sounded like she was trying to coax a child. “Even if that man erased your existence, he’d want to imprison you and keep him by his side – do you think he really loves you?! Your stupidity will be the death of you someday!”

Ye Wanwan chuckled. “Ay, I think I’ll be smitten to death instead? Such naughty activities can lead to bitter consequences…”

But what did he mean by erasing my existence?

“You…” Si Xia pounded the table.

The two of them were caught in silence; the air was stagnant.

Suddenly, Si Xia stood up and charged towards her as fast as lightning, attacking her…

Although Ye Wanwan was distracted, her body responded instinctively and evaded his attack.

If she got hit by him just now, she would’ve been knocked out…

It didn’t make any sense – did he intend to knock her out and take her away by force?

Before Ye Wanwan could react, Si Xia continued to attack. Soon, the two of them exchanged over a hundred blows and Ye Wanwan was quite surprised – she didn’t expect Si Xia to be so skilled…

In the end, the two of them were panting…

Si Xia fixed his collar. He stared darkly at her then sneered, “Ha, a hundred moves! You can’t even strike me after a hundred moves – you’re useless!”

Si Xia then forcefully shoved the things on the table into her hands and strode away. “You better think carefully!”

Ye Wanwan looked at the things in her hands and looked at Si Xia leaving in a huff. She was utterly confused.

Si Xia was very skilled and for her to be able to take 100 strikes from him, shouldn’t she be considered quite powerful…

Almost all of Si family’s Dark Team guards were surprised after finding out about her skills, but Si Xia said she was useless?

What’s this kid’s logic?

Deep into the night, Ye Wanwan returned to Jin garden.

There wasn’t a sound in the huge garden; it was completely dead.

Ye Wanwan walked over to Si Ye Han’s room and prepared some clothes to change into. Then she took the things Si Xia prepared for her and sat on the balcony.

Si Xia prepared everything she needed – a new identity, new address and there would be someone to pick her up when she arrived…

If she really left, it would be a new beginning.

If this was before her rebirth, she definitely would’ve been overjoyed by this precious opportunity to gain her freedom.

But right now, right here, she was no longer alone; she had more connections, family, friends and…

Finally, the lighter ignited and those items turned into a blaze in the night, disintegrating into ashes…

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