Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 870 - May not be a bad thing

Chapter 870: May not be a bad thing

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Nobody expected Si Ye Han would spit out blood and faint all of a sudden.

Even Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping were stunned.

“Master! Master!”

“Doctor! Where’s the doctor?! Get Dr. Sun right away!”

All the elders at the scene were in a panic and surrounded Si Ye Han.

“Move! Don’t crowd him!” Ye Wanwan snapped then helped Si Ye Han sit up steadily with her delicate body.

“Ah-jiu! My Ah-jiu… this… what is happening?! Hurry… hurry and get the doctor…” The old madam was completely out of her wits. She was on the verge of collapsing and almost fainted with him.

Ye Wanwan instructed the maids to take care of old madam while she helped Si Ye Han to the bed and checked his heartbeat and pulse. “Grandma, don’t worry. Dr. Mo and Dr. Sun did a full body check-up for Ah-jiu a few days ago; there shouldn’t be any major issues!”

Before the old madam could speak, Si Ming Li jumped in like an arrow, “Rubbish! He just spat out blood and you said it’s not serious? What’s serious to you then!”

“Before, Dr. Sun already said master wouldn’t live more than six months and could get an attack anytime. Once there’s an attack, it could endanger his life, but you stopped him from getting the surgery and kept boasting that you could help master recuperate. I wonder what evil intentions you have! Is this is the so-called recuperation you mentioned before?”

Feng Yi Ping sighed within the crowd. “Ay, we tried so hard to convince master to go for the surgery and quickly transplant the organs, but master lost his mind to this woman. He refused to listen to anything we said… great, now things are like this…”

The other elders looked coldly at Ye Wanwan. “What should we do now… hurry up, tell the servants to contain the news! Don’t let outsiders know about this! Otherwise, the entire family would be in chaos! Ay! The Si family could be destroyed from this woman’s hands!”

Ye Wanwan didn’t care about the people jabbering on and on; she was focused on monitoring Si Ye Han’s condition.

Lately, she learned a little from Dr. Sun and knew the four ways of diagnosis – look, listen, question and feel the pulse. Furthermore, she had been by Si Ye Han’s side these past few days while the two doctors checked on him and his condition was extremely stable…

For Si Ye Han to get poisoned and whatnot, that was impossible. His diet was strictly controlled no less than nobles in ancient times and those people wouldn’t have the guts to do this sort of thing anyway…

Actually, from a medical perspective, vomiting blood might not be an entirely bad thing, maybe…

Si Ming Li put on a heartbroken expression and looked at old madam and Si Ming Rong. “Sis, 2nd brother, do you guys see this girl’s true colors now?”

Si Ming Rong never liked Ye Wanwan from the beginning but lately, he noticed that Si Ye Han’s health was improving, so his attitude towards her improved slightly. When he saw this scene, he couldn’t take it any longer and ordered her sternly, “Miss Ye! Please leave!”

Ye Wanwan tightened her fingers around Si Ye Han’s cold fingers…

At this moment, a servant’s voice came from the door: “Dr. Sun is here! Dr. Sun is here!”

With Dr. Sun around, she didn’t have a reason to be there anymore and the most pressing issue right now was getting Sun Bai Cao to check up on Si Ye Han.

Ye Wanwan slowly released Si Ye Han’s fingers and stood up to make way for Sun Bai Cao.

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