Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 871 - Wait till Ah-jiu is awake

Chapter 871: Wait till Ah-jiu is awake

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In order for Sun Bai Cao to focus on making a diagnosis, everyone left the room aside from the old madam and Si Ming Rong.

Outside, a group of people were nervously waiting for the results.

Time went by slowly and the elders were pacing around anxiously.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say a word and leaned against the ice-cold wall.

Si Ming Li was glowing at this moment. He sneered and looked at Ye Wanwan, “Master is in this state thanks to your stupidity and ignorance – are you happy now?”

Feng Yi Ping had a look of mockery. “Too bad master is muddled and old madam is soft-hearted; if master believed Miss Ruo Xi then, this wouldn’t have happened at all… this is truly unfortunate…”

“I already said before that if this woman became the mistress of the household, we’d have a major crisis sooner or later! Look at the way things are right now – she hasn’t even gotten the status yet but she already caused so much trouble for the Si family!”

The other elders were panicking. “Ay, what should we do now?! Nothing can happen to the family head!”

Si Ming Li scoffed, “How could nothing happen? The old disease and damaged organs are like a ticking time bomb inside master; it can explode anytime and once it does, that would be life-threatening. By then, it would be too late. I think this time, everything looks bad for master…”

With Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping’s provocation, the way the elders looked at Ye Wanwan turned uglier by the second. “If anything happens to master, don’t dream of leaving the Si family alive!”

“I wonder what motives this woman has! We must investigate thoroughly!”

“That’s right!”

Ye Wanwan massaged her swollen and painful temples. Her cold glance brushed across those people and she said, “Shut up.”

It was like she was glaring at the dead, causing one to feel a chill down one’s spine.

The elders kept quiet for a few seconds then roared in anger, “This woman won’t shed a tear till she sees the coffin, huh! How could she still be so arrogant?!”

“This is too much!”

“Squeak——” The door opened and Sun Bai Cao finally came out of the room.

“Dr. Sun, how are things?”

“How’s the family head – is he in danger?”

The elders all went up to Dr. Sun and Ye Wanwan looked at Sun Bai Cao as well.

Sun Bai Cao spoke with a grave expression, “I can’t confirm the cause right now; we have to move him to the hospital immediately to do a thorough check-up. Please stay calm right now.”

Si Ming Li said harshly, “Sis, how should we deal with this woman? If it wasn’t for her, master wouldn’t be in this state right now! I have every reason to suspect that she has ulterior motives and might even be plotting his murder!”

The old madam narrowed her eyes. She looked tired and trembled as she spoke, “Wait till Ah-jiu is awake and we’ll discuss…”

The old madam was only thinking of her grandson at this moment; she wasn’t in the mood to care about anything else.

Si Ming Li was upset when he heard that and he glared at Ye Wanwan.

Hng, wait till he’s awake?

I’m afraid he won’t ever wake up again!

This time, I’ll make sure this woman dies a tragic death!

And the entire Si family will be mine very soon…

Soon, Si Ye Han was sent to a private hospital in the suburbs of Beijing.

After Si Ye Han was sent over, martial law was imposed and nobody was allowed to go near him. Even Ye Wanwan wasn’t allowed into the ward and could only wait in the hall.

Ye Wanwan sat in the large, empty hall in silence and in the blink of an eye, it was midnight…

Ye Wanwan’s expression was icy-cold as she tried her best to straighten out the details of Si Ye Han’s current condition in her head…

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