Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 869 - Do you want to go?

Chapter 869: Do you want to go?

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Feng Yi Ping hurriedly chimed in, “Old madam, the Mu family is an extremely important partner of Si Corporation – we should arrange a more experienced partner to go with master!”

Although Feng Yi Ping didn’t mention her name, he was obviously referring to Qin Ruo Xi.

The old madam glanced at the two of them. “In previous years, Ah-jiu went by himself and it went well, right?”

In the past, he didn’t have her but now he did, so how could it be the same?

If Si Ye Han brought a female partner along for such an event, the meaning would be completely different.

Si Ming Li quickly said, “Sis, master went by himself in the past so obviously there weren’t any issues. I’m just worried that someone won’t know her manners and treat our distinguished guest rudely! Anyway, Miss Ye is dating master at the moment, but she’s merely his girlfriend – I don’t think she is qualified to receive such an important guest with our master yet…”

The old madam obviously knew what Feng Yi Ping and Si Ming Li were thinking, but lately, she had seen for herself how much effort Ye Wanwan put in for Ah-jiu and she took great care of him. She was also a keen learner and wanted to improve herself, becoming more dependable. The old madam supported her intentionally.

The old madam turned to her grandson. “Ah-jiu, what do you think?”

Si Ye Han, who was resting with his eyes shut, opened his eyes and didn’t respond. Instead, he turned to the girl next to him. “Do you want to go?”

Ye Wanwan: “Uh…”

What the h*ll is with this question? If I go, that’s fine and if I don’t, that’s fine as well…

As expected, when Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping saw Si Ye Han acting like that, their faces contorted in anger.

The old madam shook her head helplessly and glanced at her grandson. Then she said directly to Si Ming Li and the others, “Alright, alright, it’s still early now, Wanwan still has time to learn if she doesn’t know the protocol. It’s not a big deal anyway. This matter is dealt with!”

“Old madam…”

Si Ming Li wanted to continue, but too bad – the old madam and Si Ye Han were firm on this and there was no place for him to speak.

Si Ming Li sat there with his gloomy expression. His skinny face was twitching.

Darn it! It’s been so long! Why isn’t this assh*le dead yet!

Didn’t they say he wouldn’t live more than six months? It’s almost over six months already!

Ever since he received news that Si Ye Han was dying, he suppressed himself and waited day by day. He was waiting for the day Si Ye Han died, but who could’ve known that the disease hadn’t attacked his vitals and as a result, Si Ye Han was getting better each day instead…

As long as this bastard was alive, he would have to live like a dog in the Si family and continue to be submissive.

Also, he hadn’t taken revenge on this bloody b*tch Ye Wanwan for crippling one of his son’s legs and he could only suppress his anger – he couldn’t even touch a single strand of her hair…

The old madam said to Si Ye Han, “Ah-jiu, I’ll hire a teacher to train her on the etiquette, alright?”

Si Ye Han: “No need.”

The old madam said sternly, “This is necessary – it’s good for Ye Wanwan to learn more and she will use these skills in the future.”

Si Ye Han replied, “No need for a teacher. I’ll train her myself.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”  You’re trying to stuff old madam with dog food too, huh! That’s enough, eh!

“This child…”

The old madam laughed. She felt relieved, seeing how the two children were getting along well.

If Ah-jiu’s health could get better…

“Meeting adjourned.”

After they were done with the meeting, Si Ye Han looked at the time on his watch and announced the end of the meeting.

Si Ye Han listened to the old madam while he stood up but the second he stood up, his face turned pale and his body stiffened.

“Ah-jiu… what is it?” When they noticed that Si Ye Han was acting differently, the old madam and Ye Wanwan looked at him at the same time.

Si Ye Han raised his arm like he wanted to say that he was fine, but when he was about to speak, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and his face turned paler. After that, there was a resounding “bang” as he fell backward…



Ye Wanwan’s eyes constricted. The old madam and all the elders present were in shock and the place was in chaos…

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