Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 868 - The point of equilibrium in Si Ye Han's life

Chapter 868: The point of equilibrium in Si Ye Han’s life

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Ye Wanwan: “…”


“So, what you mean is that he’s already recovered and is just like an ordinary person now?”

Mo Xuan shrugged. “Seems like it at the moment.”

Mo Xuan paused and stared thoughtfully. “Of course, that’s based on the premise you remain by his side – to him, you are the point of equilibrium in his life and if there any issues on your end, the equilibrium would be broken and nobody can determine what would happen.”

“You know very well what he was like in the past… when you hated him and repelled him… he didn’t have rational thoughts or the ability to control his emotions like normal people and was just like an uncontrollable beast. Truthfully speaking, I didn’t even believe he could actually act like a normal human being…”

Ye Wanwan was speechless and mumbled, “What do you mean by a normal human being? He is a human being!”

Mo Xuan smiled and looked at her. “Did you know that Xu Yi, Eleven and all the servants in the old residence all made talismans for themselves?”

“Huh? What talisman?” Ye Wanwan was confused.

Mo Xuan replied, “On the talisman, it says: Hope Miss Wanwan and 9th master can be as sweet as honey and everything would go smoothly for them!”

Ye Wanwan: “Uh…”

Mo Xuan: “As long as the two of you are good, our days will be clear! So Miss Wanwan, all of our little lives are in your hands!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Is it that scary…

Mo Xuan sighed. “Miss Ye, I’m not exaggerating. Ever since 9th master hired me to carry out his hypnosis treatment, I’ve been monitoring his condition very closely. Although I don’t know why he’s so strongly attracted to you, I think that when a person cares so much for another person to the point where he reaches an abnormal state, he must really, really love that person…”

“Miss Ye, did you forget about what happened in the past or something…?” Mo Xuan had been wanting to ask this question for a very long time.

If Ye Wanwan hadn’t had any relationship with Si Ye Han before, the attitude Si Ye Han had toward Ye Wanwan now wouldn’t really make much sense.

When Ye Wanwan heard that she said, “Did I lose my memory? I don’t think so… I definitely would’ve remembered if I met someone like Si Ye Han before…”

“That’s true…” Mo Xuan was in deep thought. He seemed to have recalled something but didn’t say anything else.

After the roughest period in setting up her own business, Ye Wanwan could finally start to relax a little.

Ye Mu Fan dealt with the daily tasks right now and Fei Yang was currently the director of talent recruitment. Everything was up to speed, and life was stable and fulfilling – this was something she never dared to dream of in her life…

Jin garden, discussion room:

During the monthly family clan meeting, the Si family’s elders were all present and Si Ye Han was seated on the sofa in the middle while Ye Wanwan sat on his left, the seat that belonged to the mistress of the household.

Si Ming Li and Feng Yi Ping had a straight face throughout the meeting. Since they were treated so harshly by Ye Wanwan last time, they didn’t dare to make things difficult for her again.

Furthermore, with Si Ye Han by her side, they couldn’t do a thing and could only watch as Ye Wanwan’s status became more and more secure. They already hated her to the core.

The old madam looked kindly at Ye Wanwan and said, “Wanwan, Mr. Mu will be arriving next month. When the time comes, you should go together with Ah-jiu to greet him!”

Ye Wanwan replied obediently, “Yes, grandma!”

Si Ming Li’s expression changed and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Mr. Mu is such an important guest – how could we let her tag along with master? She’s a young brat that doesn’t know a thing. What if she embarrasses the entire Si family?!”

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