Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 857 - A gift for you

Chapter 857: A gift for you

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Han Xian Yu looked at her. There was warmth all over his dusty face as he said, “Ye Bai, it’s been long.”

Ye Wanwan hadn’t expected that Han Xian Yu would appear before her in person right after she saw his Weibo post, so she was still quite shocked. “Uh, Xian Yu… why are you here?”

Han Xian Yu raised his brows subtly then said, “Congratulations on your new company. I’m here to present you with a gift.”

Ye Wanwan hadn’t snapped back to her senses yet. “Gift? What gift?”

Han Xian Yu nodded. “En, myself.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Gong Xu: “!!!”

Seeing the normally swift and decisive Ye Wanwan actually in a daze, Han Xian Yu’s eyes revealed a tinge of laughter. “Will you accept me?”

Ye Wanwan was dazzled by the young man’s charming smile and she took half a day to return to her senses. “Ah?”

Behind Han Xian Yu, Fei Yang looked at his artist and choked slightly. The corners of his lips twitched and he was speechless. He was cursing in his heart.We’re just here to discuss collaboration; why must you sound so provocative? Anyway, the other party is a man, alright…

He’s never been so flirty even with a girl before…

*Cough* “It’s like this, director Ye… wrong, I should call you chairman Ye now. We’re here to join your company!” Fei Yang explained.

However, Ye Wanwan became even more shocked after Fei Yang’s explanation. “What… join my company?”

Han Xian Yu: “Why? We’re not welcome here?”

Ye Wanwan’s mind was a mess and she held her forehead. “Wait wait wait wait… let me digest this a little – you belong to Worldwide, how could you…”

Han Xian Yu replied, “I terminated my contract with Worldwide an hour ago.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

This news… is simply too sudden…

Han Xian Yu actually terminated his contract with Worldwide and wants to join my company?

She knew Han Xian Yu always valued friendships and because she helped him before, he always looked out for her. She was very touched that he supported her openly, but Ye Wanwan never expected that he would actually do this…

Gong Xu widened his eyes while Luo Chen and Ye Mu Fan looked at each other. They were all stunned.

Han Xian Yu wants to join our company?

From an established and big company like Worldwide to a small start-up like us?

Ye Wanwan’s expression gradually turned stern and she warned, “Xian Yu, this isn’t a small matter. Don’t be impulsive and let your emotions affect your decisions. I just started this company not long ago and it’s still very new; not everything is on track yet and with Gong Xu and Luo Chen under me, I’ll be very busy for sure. With your talent and abilities, there’s no need for you to come over to our side. Even if you didn’t mind, with our company’s abilities, we won’t be able to…”

Before Ye Wanwan could finish, Han Xian Yu interrupted her and looked at her firmly. “Ye Bai, I know this and that’s why my manager is still Yang-ge. He’ll be in charge of my assignments. I’ll get my own assistant and you don’t have to worry about my acting so you can busy yourself with your own matters. You don’t have to worry about me at all.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Oh, please! That’s not the main point ah, hello…

Also, since you don’t need me, why do you want to come over to my side? 

Ye Wanwan was between laughter and tears as she looked at Han Xian Yu. “When you put it this way… it really sounds like I’d be taking advantage of you, ah… I won’t allow this for sure…”

Han Xian Yu laughed. “Boss Ye, I don’t even mind being taken advantage of, so why should you?”

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