Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 856 - Too manly!

Chapter 856: Too manly!

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In Chu Hong Guang’s office:

His assistant tried to advise him cautiously, “Chairman Chu, calm down, don’t be so mad… actually, you should know that sooner or later… we wouldn’t have been able to keep Han Xian Yu anyway…”

Still enraged, Chu Hong Guang replied, “Of course I knew he’d leave sooner or later, but it could’ve been more peaceful. How would it have compared to this situation right now?”

In the future, even if Han Xian Yu left, it would ideally be under better conditions. He was still groomed by their company and if he did well on his own, glory would still go to their company.

Moreover, if he wanted to leave the company of his own volition, he’d be in the wrong; they would still have control and speaking power, so public opinion would certainly be on their side. In the future, if they wanted to collaborate with him, they would definitely get priority.

But right now? With the advantage falling into the hands of others, everything was screwed up by that idiot who couldn’t achieve anything and only knew how to ruin things!

The little secretary then knocked on the door and came in. “Chairman Chu, director Cai is outside. He’s making a scene and wants to see you…”

“Ask him to get lost!”

“Yes!” The little secretary scurried away.

Chu Hong Guang raged in fury but calmed down very shortly afterward. He had numerous companies and subsidiaries under Worldwide, and he had countless influential people and A-listers around him, so losing just a couple of staff members from Dazzling would only mean slightly lesser profits. It was no big deal.

As for Han Xian Yu, Chu Hong Guang could only send people to meditate the situation quickly…

Now, the most urgent matter wasn’t these trivial things, but… his sworn enemy, Emperor Sky Entertainment!

He heard that the Ye family’s eldest daughter, Ye Yiyi, would soon be engaged to the Gu family’s successor, Gu Yue Ze. When that time came, with such a powerful union, the impact on Worldwide would be even greater…

“WOW! Ye-ge ge, come and look at this. Xian Yu-ge is too manly!”

Ye Wanwan was busy doing her work when Gong Xu suddenly howled and ran over to her with his phone. Then she saw that Han Xian Yu actually shared her Weibo post.

Ye Wanwan: “Xian Yu is back…”

She knew Han Xian Yu had been overseas filming and if she didn’t remember wrong, today was the day he returned home.

So… he must’ve shared her Weibo post as soon as he resumed contact with the outside world…

And he did it even when Worldwide ordered all the artists internally that they weren’t to have any connections with her…

Ye Wanwan looked at those phrases “You belong to a bigger world” and “As long as you need me, I’ll be by your side forever” and felt a warmth in her heart.

In her previous life, she found herself utterly isolated and died a lonely death, but right now, she had so many true friends around her…

Ye Mu Fan nodded and spoke in a brother-in-law manner, “This artist, Han Xian Yu, isn’t bad, huh! Our mom… *cough* my mom is a fan of his! She watches his drama every single day and watches his advertisements on repeat…”

Luo Chen looked worried. “Since senior Xian Yu shared a Weibo post like this, would Worldwide make things hard for him…?”

They were chatting away when they suddenly heard Xiao Qing’s screams from the front desk outside.

“AHHHH—— Xian… Xian Yu!!!”

Xiao Qing and Dong Zai were artists’ assistants and were paid by the artists; they weren’t affiliated with the company, so after they left Dazzling to work with Ye Bai, Xiao Qing had to work at the front desk temporarily as they hadn’t had time to recruit proper staff members.

Ye Wanwan heard the commotion outside and instinctively turned to look at the entrance.

In the next second, she saw a handsome young man wearing a windbreaker appearing at her office door, dusty and travel-worn.

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