Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 855 - Get out of the company

Chapter 855: Get out of the company

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Chu Hong Guang turned to Cai Yong Sheng with a darkened expression. “Yong Sheng, apologize to Xian Yu!”

Cai Yong Sheng immediately blew up, “Why should I apologize to him? He’s just a lowly actor – who is he that I have to apologize to him, huh! He should be the one apologizing to me!”

He already lost enough face the past few days; it was absolutely impossible for him to apologize to an entertainer in public.

Han Xian Yu wasn’t like Ye Bai and the others. As the pillar of Worldwide, how he was treated was very different – all the resources in Worldwide were given to him, so how could he simply leave for someone like Ye Bai…

In reality, Cai Yong Sheng truly thought too lowly of Han Xian Yu. With his talents, he didn’t have to rely on the company anymore and it was the company that relied on him instead.

Chu Hong Guang obviously knew this fact and he slammed the table. “CAI YONG SHENG! Shut the h*ll up! I want you to apologize, do you hear me?”

Han Xian Yu didn’t even bother looking at Cai Yong Sheng. He turned towards Chu Hong Guang, who was sitting on the main seat, and said indifferently, “Chairman Chu, no need for that. If there’s nothing else, please arrange for the lawyer to handle the contract terminations for me and Yang-ge.”

After Han Xian Yu finished speaking, he bowed towards Chu Hong Guang and considered this his final farewell to the first company he worked at.

Then he left immediately without saying a word.

Behind him, Fei Yang looked at Han Xian Yu’s departing figure and wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t.

“Han Xian Yu! You…”

Before Cai Yong Sheng could complete his sentence, Fei Yang already interrupted him, “Director Cai, I advise you to stop using the same trick you used on Ye Bai. Ye Bai was an upright guy, so he didn’t take revenge or make your scandals public. I’m not the same though…”

Fei Yang paused and waved his phone before he continued, “Oh, right, I recorded everything you said just now.”

If Cai Yong Sheng wanted to write an article about Han Xian Yu leaving, that would be too naive…

Since he wanted to leave, he naturally had to make sure he could walk out cleanly. He didn’t want to give Cai Yong Sheng anything he could use against him. Therefore, when he noticed that things weren’t going well, he already turned on the recorder with a subtle reminder from Han Xian Yu in order to avoid getting counter-attacked.

After all, this was the trick Cai Yong Sheng usually used!

In fact, with Han Xian Yu’s current status, he could’ve already left on his own long ago. Many artists like him already left their companies and started their own studios.

Fei Yang was already in the middle of helping Han Xian Yu plan and prepare, and they also talked about it many times before, but Han Xian Yu hadn’t made a firm decision and Fei Yang wasn’t sure what he was waiting for either.

He didn’t expect that in the end, Han Xian Yu would leave the company like that…

A sudden thought came to Fei Yang… He couldn’t have been waiting for this day all along, right?

Upon seeing Han Xian Yu and Fei Yang actually leaving like that, Cai Yong Sheng was stunned. Beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead and he was in disbelief…

Seeing how things were developing, the top management and shareholders were looking at Cai Yong Sheng like he was a fool.

This Cai Yong Sheng really thinks that as the nephew of chairman Chu, he can rule Worldwide?

Nevermind that he strutted around and flaunted his power in a small subsidiary company like Dazzling, but he didn’t know how to exercise restraint even at Worldwide HQ!

Many of the top management disliked this dumb Cai Yong Sheng and at this moment, they were all anticipating a good show.

After causing such a huge mess, even Chu Hong Guang could no longer protect him.

With Chu Hong Guang’s patience towards Cai Yong Sheng reaching its limit, he said, “You… go to the finance department to get your pay and go the h*ll back to your mother!”

Cai Yong Sheng finally panicked. “Wh-what… uncle! How could you do this to me?!”

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