Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 854 - The birth of a new CP

Chapter 854: The birth of a new CP

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A few minutes ago, Han Xian Yu shared Ye Bai’s Weibo post and it caused quite a stir.

[Ow ow ow! Little angel Xian Yu is finally posting on his Weibo after disappearing for so long! Wait wait… what did I just see? Did little angel just share the post by the boss of Age of the Immortals, Ye Bai?]

[Tigers live in the woods and dragons belong to the vast sea – this sounds so domineering! If even Xian Yu said this, this hottie must really be quite amazing, huh!]

[I’ll support whoever little angel Xian Yu supports. I’ll cheer Ye Bai on!]

[“As long as you need me, I’ll be by your side forever!” This sounds too provocative, ahhhh! It’s like watching the birth of a new CP!]

[Aiyo, damn. Wait a minute, that rumored gay partner of little angel Xian Yu, who he’s very close to, can’t be Ye Bai-ge ge, can it? If that’s the case, this is true love!]

Ever since the child molestation case ended, Han Xian Yu focused on acting and rarely appeared in public and the media. He didn’t even post on his Weibo very often and some fans realized that the occasional posts he made always mentioned one person.

For example:

[Somebody said that my left profile looks better?]

[I let someone read my fortune today. In the end, he could only read someone else’s but not mine.]

[*Cough* When a certain someone is drunk, it’s really… indescribable…]

Han Xian Yu’s fans were already speculating about this “someone” he kept referring to, and now, they connected it to Ye Bai. After all, ever since that incident, Han Xian Yu rarely talked about his own friends aside from that one…

In the conference room:

Upon seeing Han Xian Yu appear, Cai Yong Sheng’s face turned extremely ugly.

He just saw the post Han Xian Yu shared!

Cai Yong Sheng scoffed and looked at Han Xian Yu. He said gloomily, “Oh, I was wondering who it was – so it’s our superstar, Han! Indeed, when one gains fame, his wings harden – he actually openly violated the company’s orders and shared that Weibo post, publicly indicating his support for Ye Bai! I’d like to know just what you were thinking, eh?”

Han Xian Yu glanced at Cai Yong Sheng coldly. “The way I work is none of your business.”

“You…” Cai Yong Sheng was embarrassed and his face turned red. He immediately pointed at Han Xian Yu’s nose and started yelling, “HAN XIAN YU, ARE YOU TRYING TO REBEL LIKE YE BAI, HUH?! Since you support him so much, why didn’t you leave the company with him!”

When Han Xian Yu heard that, he replied indifferently, “Sure.”

The moment Han Xian Yu said that, Cai Yong Sheng went silent all of a sudden and the look of ridicule on his face froze. The entire conference room was in complete silence as well.


Nobody expected this would happen…

Cai Yong Sheng was dumbstruck. His face was the color of pig’s liver at this point. “Han Xian Yu, you… what do you mean…”

Han Xian Yu replied expressionlessly, “The literal meaning – didn’t director Cai ask me to leave the company?”

“I… I…” Cold sweat started dripping.

Cai Yong Sheng had suppressed too much anger inside and didn’t dare vent at the top management and shareholders, so he chose a pushover and vented his anger at Han Xian Yu instead.

Who knew that Han Xian Yu, who had always been gentle and easy-going, would have such a harsh attitude now…

Although Luo Chen and Gong Xu were very popular at the moment, they could be easily replaced by newbies. Meanwhile, Han Xian Yu was like Worldwide Entertainment’s ambassador. After he was acquitted of that molestation case, it caused a huge effect on society because he had always been charitable but was framed and slandered by others. Today, his popularity and favor with the public were unparalleled in the entire entertainment industry!

The few individuals who left with Ye Bai already left Cai Yong Sheng beaten black and blue; if Han Xian Yu was also chased out by him, he would be finished!!!

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