Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 858 - Another one vying for favor

Chapter 858: Another one vying for favor

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“…” Ye Wanwan was speechless. She finally spoke up after a long time: “Xian Yu, I view you as a friend, so I can’t take advantage of you like that.”

Han Xian Yu looked at her. “You understand we’re friends too, huh? Then why didn’t you even call me when you were going through a difficult time? Did you know how I felt after I heard what happened? You made me feel as though you didn’t really treat me as a friend after we’ve known each other for so long…”

Han Xian Yu looked hurt as he spoke.

Seeing that Han Xian Yu misunderstood, Ye Wanwan hurriedly explained, “How could that be… I expected this to happen… I could resolve things myself… anyway, I knew you were filming a movie overseas, so I didn’t want to bother you…”

Knowing that Han Xian Yu was an artist from Worldwide and was technically in the middle of the conflict, how could she have sought him out to ask him for help?

But Ye Wanwan still felt somewhat guilty, probably because she lived two lives and had gone through quite a bit, so she wasn’t willing to really lay her heart bare to other people and would never rely on others for matters that she could handle herself…

Seeing how anxious Ye Wanwan was, Han Xian Yu’s expression turned gentler and he spoke in a serious manner, “Ye Bai, I told you before that I was actually planning to leave Worldwide already but I was too lazy to start my own studio. I’m great at acting, but as for operating a business, I know nothing about it and I hate wasting my energy on these things. However, you’re smart and capable; all we’re missing is some networks and opportunities. If we work together, we’re merely taking what we need and nobody is taking advantage of anyone – is it more okay if I put it that way?”

Seems like Han Xian Yu is serious this time and he’s already made a decision…

Ye Wanwan was in a pickle. So, she turned to the other three people in the room. “What do you guys think?”

After all, they were also the shareholders of the company.

Ye Mu Fan sized Han Xian Yu up with glistening eyes. The more he looked, the more satisfied he was.

Although he didn’t want his younger sister to be seduced by some other guy, he knew she would have to get married someday and if he had to choose, Han Xian Yu was the one he found most pleasing to the eyes at the moment!

After all, decorating something that was already perfect was easy, but delivering coal in the snow was tough – there was definitely no issue with this guy’s character. Furthermore, the empress dowager (their mother) at home liked him too. Maybe he would be able to kick away that wild man who used his looks to trick others.

Hence, Ye Mu Fan answered immediately, “I think Xian Yu’s right and what he said makes sense! I’m okay to having Xian Yu join us! Boss, what are you worried about, huh? Where did your domineering spirit go?”

“At a sh*tty place like Worldwide, Xian Yu already reached his peak and he wouldn’t benefit if he stayed on! If you’re worried that he’s going to suffer by joining us, you should personally push him to strive for more!”

What Ye Mu Fan said really enticed Ye Wanwan; he seemed to understand his younger sister very well!

Indeed, the moment he said that, Ye Wanwan’s expression relaxed…

After that, Luo Chen spoke up as well: “I agree to having senior Xian Yu join us too.”

Ye Mu Fan spoke eagerly, “Since everyone’s in agreement, it’s confirmed! Xian Yu, welcome to the team!”

Ye Mu Fan was about to shake hands with Han Xian Yu when Gong Xu pounced over. “Damn! Is young master (I) invisible? I didn’t get a chance to speak! I object! OBJECT!”

Damn it! Alert alert! Red alert!

Another one coming to snatch Ye-ge away from me, and he’s such a formidable rival!

Han Xian Yu was well-rounded – he was great at acting and had a fantastic public reputation; his talents were all squeezed out so there wasn’t a single drop left. If Han Xian Yu joined them, would there still be any place for Gong Xu in this house?!

“Your IQ is too low, so stop talking!” Ye Mu Fan immediately brushed Gong Xu away then continued to shake Han Xian Yu’s hand and sealed the deal…

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