Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 843 - Pleasing to the eyes

Chapter 843: Pleasing to the eyes

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Ha, I’ll pull down their attractiveness index?

Ye Mu Fan raged, “You’re pulling down all three of our IQ, alright?!”

Before the two of them could fight more, Ye Wanwan rushed over and pulled them apart. “Alright, alright, hurry and get changed!”

Gong Xu scoffed coldly and leaned over to Ye Wanwan. “Ye-ge, let’s change together!”

Ye Wanwan was speechless, “…”  Are you in primary school, kid?

Why do we have to go together…

Before Ye Mu Fan was triggered, Ye Wanwan hurriedly said, “You guys go ahead first. I have something I want to discuss with chief editor Chai.”

How could I even change with them…

After some time, the four people finally changed their outfits and walked out of the dressing room one after another.

When the four people appeared before everyone at the same time, all the staff in the studio let out a gasp…

Oh god! This… this is too pleasing to the eye, eh!

Indeed, a man was most attractive when he was in formalwear.

Ye Bai and Felix’s appearances weren’t in the least bit inferior to the two artists. The four of them had their own individual characteristics when they stood together; Gong Xu was brash and showy, Luo Chen was calm and introverted, Felix was talented and charming while Ye Bai was noble and languid. When the four of them stood together wearing the same suit, it was like a painting – it was simply pleasing to the eyes.

Xiao Yu Tong’s blood was ignited once again. She took her camera and said excitedly, “Let’s do this – Mr. Ye, you’ll sit in the middle with Gong Xu on your right and Luo Chen on your left. Felix, move slightly to the back… Mr. Ye, you don’t have to change your expression. Just relax and remain casual… yes, yes, yes… that’s the way… perfect…”

“Click” “click” The clicking of the camera kept going and Xiao Yu Tong was completely focused on her work. Initially, she wanted to just take one photo for their publicity but she ended up spending a long time on the shot.

Xiao Yu Tong showed the photos to chief editor Chai and said excitedly, “Chief editor, look at these. What do you think?”

Chai Yong Li quickly browsed through the photos on the camera and was surprised. He immediately walked over to Ye Wanwan, “Mr. Ye, could we pick a few of these photos and insert them in this interview?”

Ye Wanwan replied instantly, “Of course.”

They were promoting their future company for free, so why not?

Following the shooting, Luo Chen and Gong Xu followed VIVI  magazine to S City for the outdoor shoot and the photoshoot for the cover ended smoothly.

Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan registered the company, rented an office building then put up recruitment notices online to form a crew.

At the same time, Dazzling Media was trying to squeeze out the last bit of value from Gong Xu and Luo Chen; they spared no effort in using these two people to increase hype and tried various ways to beat them down. They told everyone in the industry to not work with them and banned the artists in Worldwide from being associated with them in any way.

As one of the leaders in the industry that was as equally established as Emperor Sky, many people gave face to Worldwide. As a result, the new company was thrown into a difficult situation the moment it was set up and didn’t get a single assignment to date. The only project they had… was a sanitary towel advertisement…

Gong Xu laid on the sofa and shook his legs. He didn’t care at all. “Why are you guys looking so glum? It’s still an assignment, right? What’s wrong with a sanitary towel ad? I’ll do it! Who said only female artists can accept a sanitary towel advertisement!”

Luo Chen glanced at Gong Xu. “I’ll do it…”

Gong Xu glared at him. “Move aside! At least young master (I) has helped my girlfriends in buying them before. You’re just a virgin – how could you even think of endorsing a sanitary towel ad?! Do you know what they look like? You’d be cheating the consumers, do you know that?”

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