Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 842 - Four people group shot

Chapter 842: Four people group shot

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Xiao Yu Tong got the crew members to bring over lots of snacks. “Gong Xu, hug the snacks then sit on the sofa with your legs crossed!”

Gong Xu stared at the large pile of junk food with glistening eyes. “Then can I eat them?”

Ye Wanwan held her head. “…”  I knew it…

Xiao Yu Tong chuckled. “Just pretend to eat it; don’t really eat it. We can give them to you after the shoot!”

After that, she glanced at Ye Wanwan. “But I’m not the decision-maker when it comes to whether or not you can eat them.”

Gong Xu immediately turned to Ye Wanwan and was about to act like a spoiled brat when Luo Chen, who was straightening his tie by the side, reminded him indifferently, “Let me remind you that your weight this month is over by three kilograms.”

“Damn! So what if young master is a little fatter? Who are you to criticize me on my weight! Have you ever treated me to a bowl of rice or soup? Which piece of meat on my body has an obligation to listen to you? Have you ever treated me to beef, mutton, ham or sausage? Have you treated me to chicken, duck, goose, crab, prawn, abalone, shark’s fin or bear’s paw? Have you treated me to roast, steamboat or hot and spicy soup? Have you treated me to wontons, glutinous rice balls, noodles, or sour and spicy skewers…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”  That’s quite enough…

Xiao Yu Tong was laughing when her eyes lit up and she hurriedly captured the present scene.

Gong Xu was hugging the snacks and looking at Luo Chen in a disgruntled manner while Luo Chen, who was still straightening his tie, had a look of disdain…

Very soon, shooting the second set of pictures ended successfully.

Ye Wanwan prepared three themes and at first, just two sets were enough, but because the results of the first two sets were really good, Xiao Yu Tong strongly recommended getting three sets done.

The third set had to be done outdoors, so they had to book another time.

Even though it was close to printing time and they were under such a tight schedule, Xiao Yu Tong still insisted on having three sets, so it was obvious she was quite pleased with the two of them.

“We’ll continue the third set another day and use one set as the cover. The others can be used for the content. Chief editor, we’ll need to get in touch with a scenic area. We need a bamboo forest…”

“Sure, leave it to me,” Chai Yong Li said.

Xiao Yu Tong laughed. “Didn’t expect the outcome of this shoot to be so good. I’m suddenly really confident about this cover and even if we can’t defeatBeauty,  the quality is definitely better!”

She then turned to Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan and asked casually, “Oh right, are you guys going to find another company after leaving Dazzling? Or…”

“We’re going to set up our own company,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“Ah… I see! It’s not bad to manage things yourself! Mr. Ye, you’re young and promising – you’ll succeed for sure!”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yu Tong sized Ye Wanwan up with a thoughtful gaze and couldn’t help but suggest, “Since we have some time left, why don’t I take a group photo for the four of you for publicity of your new company?”

Ye Wanwan was hesitant. “This… wouldn’t that be too troublesome for you?”

Xiao Yu Tong’s eyes were never this bright before. She replied excitedly and eagerly, “Not at all, not at all. Might as well since we’re at it.”

Ye Wanwan laughed. “Many people wouldn’t be able to have this chance even if they begged you.”

Xiao Yu Tong was very famous in the industry; after VIVI lost power, many magazine publishers tried to poach her, including Beauty,  but for the sake of old relations, she wasn’t willing to leave.

“Ow ow ow! Company photo! I want to shoot, I want to shoot! Can I have a solo shot with Ye-ge?” Gong Xu shouted from behind.

Ye Mu Fan rolled his eyes at him. “Since it’s a company photo, we should obviously have the four of us together! Why should he take a photo with you alone!”

Even if they could do a solo shot, it should be me and my sister, alright!

Gong Xu pouted. “Tsk, boring, both of you will pull down the attractiveness index of Ye-ge and me…”

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