Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 841 - Feast for the eyes

Chapter 841: Feast for the eyes

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Luo Chen had jet black short hair, fierce brows and his thin lips had an icy-cold aura. He wore a vintage western suit with an oversized coat on top. With the tailored fit, his legs looked perfectly straight and long, and he had a cross tattooed on the side of his neck. In his hands, he was holding a vintage totem gun…

Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s styles immediately led people to think of… a vampire and a hunter.

“Wow… so dashing…”

“And the two of them have their own individual styles!”

“It’s simply a feast for the eyes, am I right?!”

Humans were visual animals and there was an uproar in the studio once again.

The photographer, Xiao Yu Tong, looked at the two of them and laughed. “I suddenly feel like it’s a pretty good idea to have two men on the cover together – a double feast for the eyes! Are the two handsome lads ready? If there are no issues, we can start with the shoot now.”

Gong Xu hopped over to Xiao Yu Tong and whispered, “Pretty sister, make me look more handsome, okay~ I must be better looking than that guy!”

Xiao Yu Tong giggled. “Don’t worry, you look good at any angle!”

“Pretty sister, you have good taste~” Gong Xu even gave Luo Chen a look to provoke him.

Luo Chen, as usual, ignored him. “Idiot.”

“Sh*t! Who are you calling an idiot, huh? Try saying it again! Ye-ge ge, this guy is personally attacking me again…”

“Stop messing around, work hard.”

“Ye-ge ge, you’re biased!”

Xiao Yu Yong watched the two of them interacting and was quite surprised – Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s relationship didn’t really seem like what the rumors were saying, eh?

Although they were bickering, it was more of a playful kind and it wasn’t entirely like what the rumors were insinuating – they weren’t as incompatible as water and fire…

Initially, she was planning to see how it went and plan from there, but upon seeing these two people right now, she suddenly had inspiration and pulled the two of them over to talk about the effect she wanted.

After listening to Xiao Yu Tong’s expectations, the two of them went into character very quickly and started the shoot.

First, the two of them stood with their backs against each other – on the right, Gong Xu curled his lips into a sinister smile. He tilted his head towards the camera and used his finger to rub the “blood stain” on his lips. On the left, Luo Chen’s eyes were slightly closed. The wind blower was blowing the back of his coat and there was a mysterious air from that cross tattoo on his neck…

One was unyielding while the other was quiet; one was evil while the other was just; one was the dark night while the other was the light.

With the two of them standing together, it created a very stunning visual effect!

Xiao Yu Tong was very satisfied and pointed at them. “Fantastic! One more shot – this time, Gong Xu, you’ll lie on the floor. Your neck has to be tilted slightly upwards and your smile has to be as arrogant as possible. Luo Chen, you’ll grab Gong Xu’s collar then point a gun at his heart…”

At the side, Ye Wanwan watched the shoot and heaved a sigh of relief. The effect was better than she expected.

She believed that with a photographer like Xiao Yu Tong, she would be able to bring out the impact of these styles she prepared and as expected, Xiao Yu Tong’s creativity was in full force.

The best cover shoots didn’t make a person look handsome or beautiful but brought out a theme well; like movies, magazine shoots had a story too.

Very soon, the first set of shots was done.

Compared to the first set that was more magical, the second set was more realistic and homely.

The second set was done in a studio that was set up to look like a bedroom.

Luo Chen wore a decent black suit and a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles while Gong Xu wore a set of adorable velvet pajamas.

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