Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 844 - Unable to restore its former glory

Chapter 844: Unable to restore its former glory

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Luo Chen was speechless. “…”

Ye Wanwan looked at Gong Xu. “Are you sure you want to take this?”

Actually, she also thought this advertisement could be done. Although there weren’t any examples now, in the near future, there would be quite a few male artists who endorsed female products. Also, most of them were popular newbies and the results weren’t bad – it was just that there wasn’t anybody right now who was the pioneer in doing these kinds of endorsements.

Gong Xu rolled his eyes and giggled. “Sure, but boss, I’m making such a huge sacrifice this time and taking so much for the team – can I get a reward?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”  I really don’t see which part of him is suffering…

“What reward do you want? Other than junk food.”

Gong Xu hung his head low when he heard the last four words. “No junk food then, I want some meat…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”  Can’t you have other requests?

Upon seeing how pitiful Gong Xu was, Ye Wanwan’s heart softened. “Okay.”

At night, at a certain fashion party:

The ballroom was filled with people in perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair. It was a grand party and fashion icons from all walks of life and superstars were gathered in one place.

In the past, Chai Yong Li had people all around him, but at this moment, he was alone with just a photographer, Xiao Yu Tong, next to him.

In contrast, the chief editor of Beauty magazine, Liang Chong, was surrounded by stars greeting him and speaking highly of him. This upcoming issue ofBeauty  hadn’t even been officially put up for sale, yet it was already so popular and Liang Chong’s status as the chief editor had risen as well.

“Congratulation, chief editor Liang. Seems like the sales for this issue will break the record again!”

“It’s been hard for the magazine industry these two years, but the preorders forBeauty  have already reached close to 20,000 copies. Aside from chief editor Liang, who would’ve been able to achieve this?”

Liang Chong laughed. “Everyone, you’re too kind. It’s all thanks to you guys for giving me face!”

“Oh yes, who did VIVI invite for their cover shoot this time? Seem like the movie queen, You Si Fei?” someone asked.

Beauty  magazine’s photographer, Yao Rui, glanced in Chai Yong Li’s direction on purpose and spoke loftily, “Si Fei already ended her contract with them. She only agreed to be on the cover for one week because of their past relations, but that Chai Yong Li went overboard and had all sorts of requests that pissed Si Fei off, so she didn’t do the shoot in the end. She just confirmed her collaboration with us for the next issue!”

“Tsk, that’s too much, huh? Chai Yong Li’s concepts have long been outdated, yet he still pretended to be smart and gave advice to the movie queen. No wonder she was mad and wants to collaborate with Beauty instead – this is a wise choice!”

Xiao Yu Tong glanced coldly at the group of people around Liang Chong.

In the past, these people were the ones who admired Chai Yong Li’s attitude for demanding perfection, but right now, they were saying he was pretending to be smart.

It was like this in this industry – there weren’t any forever friends, only forever benefits…

Chai Yong Li brushed them off. He was already used to such situations. He asked Xiao Yu Tong, “Have you prepared the preorders and announcement for this issue?”

Xiao Yu Tong nodded. “I prepared them already.”

Finally, they managed to catch up and wouldn’t have a blank issue. Otherwise,VIVI  would really lose face this time.

Too bad VIVI already lost its influence and would never be able to return to its former glory…

Right at this moment, Cai Yong Sheng and Lucy Yang entered the ballroom. The two of them stole the limelight and everyone went up to chat with them the moment they arrived.

Cai Yong Sheng had a wide smile as he walked over with Lucy Yang. “Chief editor Liang, congratulations on the huge sales volumes!”

Liang Chong was in a good mood and he raised his glass. “Director Cai, let me give you a toast. After all, it’s all thanks to director Cai’s good luck that our magazine exploded in sales and Lucy did outstandingly well too!”

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