Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 84: Treat him as my own brother

Chapter 84: Treat him as my own brother

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While she was thinking, she felt Shen Meng Qi glaring fiercely in her direction.

Ye Wan Wan raised her brows innocuously and asked leisurely, "Meng Qi, I didn't know things would turn out like that! You won't blame me, will you?"

Shen Meng Qi was so pissed listening to all the nasty whispers around her but she could only force herself to hold it in and hide the darkness beneath her eyes. She forced a laugh, "Wan Wan, why would I... Why would I blame you... ? You didn't do it on purpose..."

Shen Meng Qi spoke through gritted teeth and her eyes swept across the people who remained. Then, she explained to her urgently, "Actually, Yan Ran misunderstood me. Why would I steal her sweetheart?!"

Song Zi Hang did in fact like me and has always been courting me but I've never responded to him and even went to make things clear with him. He took the chance and kissed me when I wasn't paying attention. I didn't make the first move; I wasn't expecting it at all..."

I was afraid that Yan Ran would misunderstand so I kept it from her, but who could've guessed that you..."

Since Yan Ran was gone and Song Zi Hang wasn't there, nobody knew the truth. Shen Meng Qi tried to smooth everything over and pushed the blame onto Ye Wan Wan instead.

Ye Wan Wan didn't give the game away either; she responded as if she just had a sudden revelation, "That's what I said, the person you like is obviously my brother!"

Shen Meng Qi was startled by what she said and then corrected her sternly, "Wan Wan, don't spout nonsense, I've always treated Mu Fan as my own older brother. I liked him only as an older brother!"

Now that Star Entertainment under the Shen family was thriving, she'd become a big star in future. With a bright future ahead of her, there would be countless boys chasing her. She didn't want to have anything to do with that good-for-nothing loser, Ye Mu Fan.

She was holding onto him only because he had some value she could use.

What Shen Meng Qi said about treating Ye Mu Fan like her own brother was enough to make Ye Wan Wan choke in disgust.

As if she didn't know what Shen Meng Qi was truly thinking about. She sneered in her heart and asked suspiciously, "Really? I personally mailed out the love letter you gave my brother! The letter was very mushy; something like 'I fell in love with you when I first saw you, you are the perfect god in my heart...'

It turns out I was wrong--that's considered liking someone as a brother? And I thought you looked down on my brother because of what happened to my dad!"

The attentive crowd suddenly let out a sigh, revealing that they understood clearly and they looked at Shen Meng Qi with even more disgust.

With regards to Shen Meng Qi's explanation, they were doubtful of her and most still stood by Jiang Yan Ran's side.

Hearing what Ye Wan Wan said now, they suddenly felt that Shen Meng Qi was indeed guilty of despising the poor and seeking favour with the rich. Ye Wan Wan's elder brother, Ye Mu Fan, was also a popular figure in Qing He previously and many people knew about Shen Meng Qi chasing after him.

Now she's saying that she views him as a brother? Who would believe her?!

Shen Meng Qi was stunned, "Wan Wan, that was so long ago, I was still young and ignorant. I didn't know what love was!

Also, how can I possibly distance myself from you and Mu Fan because of what happened to your family? If those were my intentions, why would I be so close to you and even help your brother get into my father's company?"

Shen Meng Qi suddenly gained some confidence. She laughed and said, "Other than his hobby of gambling, Mu Fan's quite hardworking at work--my dad even complimented him a few days ago! As long as Mu Fan works hard, my dad will never treat him badly!"

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