Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 83: You need two hands to clap

Chapter 83: You need two hands to clap

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Shen Meng Qi never expected that a thoughtless remark from Ye Wan Wan would land her in such big trouble; she wished she could tear her apart on the spot.

But since everything was already out in the open, she could only suppress her anger and plead, "Yan Ran, listen to me, it's not what you think! I had a reason for being with Song Zi Hang that day, I did it for you..."

"Oh, so the person who was with him that day was really you! So, you're admitting it? The person that Song Zi Hang liked all along, is you!"

Jiang Yan Ran started laughing hysterically all of a sudden, "Ha... Haha... Shen Meng Qi... I even shared all my feelings with you every day like a fool... shared with you my thoughts on the identity of the girl that Song Zi Hang liked...

Was it entertaining for you to watch me be so stupid? To watch me love him to death while the person he liked was you? Do you feel accomplished?

You clearly knew that I had prepared so long to confess my love for him on my birthday and that I was so nervous I couldn't sleep for countless nights. Knowing all that, you still went out with him that day behind my back and now you dare to say that you were doing it for me?"

Shen Meng Qi hurriedly replied, "I wanted to make it clear to him!"

Jiang Yan Ran sneered and looked at Song Zi Hang's post on her phone, then she forcefully shoved her phone onto Shen Meng Qi's face, "Make it clear? You made it clear like that?"

Shen Meng Qi's nose had been jolted so hard by the phone that tears started flowing. She covered her face and said, "Yan Ran, let me explain, I told him that I only wanted to focus on my studies and rejected him. But he may have misunderstood what I meant and thought that I wanted to be with him after graduation..."

Listening to Shen Meng Qi's excuse, Jiang Yan Ran's face turned gloomier. She said with a face of full rage, "Shut up! Song Zi Hang told me himself, he said that the girl admitted to having feelings towards him, that you kissed him yet you're still trying to defend yourself! Get lost! I don't want to hear any more about the both of you! Disgusting!"

That day, she had gone to find Song Zi Hang and saw for herself that his eyes were filled with happiness; he told her that the person he liked had accepted his love.

If it weren't for Shen Meng Qi giving him hope, why would he have that sort of reaction?

Shen Meng Qi didn't expect that Song Zi Hang would tell Jiang Yan Ran about this, so her face went pale and she was speechless.

Looking at Shen Meng Qi's reaction, the onlookers understood everything.

After Jiang Yan Ran finished talking, she forcibly pushed through the crowd and staggered away.

Fang Qin looked at Jiang Yan Ran hesitantly and then turned to Shen Meng Qi. In the end, she hurriedly chased after Jiang Yan Ran.

The crowd had initially gathered to watch a spectacle involving Ye Wan Wan but unexpectedly bumped into this huge news about two girls fighting over a boy. They all glared at Shen Meng Qi and started whispering.

"I really couldn't tell that Shen Meng Qi could do something like that! She looks so simple-minded!"

"She knew that Jiang Yan Ran liked Song Zi Hang all along but still hooked up with Song Zi Hang behind her back. She's really cruel!"

"Maybe it was one-sided and Song Zi Hang was the one chasing her?"

"It takes two hands to clap, okay? Didn't you hear what Jiang Yan Ran said about the girl voluntarily kissing Song Zi Hang?"

"That's true!"


Ye Wan Wan stood at the same spot and watched silently at the back of Jiang Yan Ran staggering off and she felt a strange sense of kinship as if they suffered from the same disease.

This person, Jiang Yan Ran, drew a clear line between her friends and foes and showed intense feelings for both, as shown by the hatred towards her, and the intense love towards Song Zi Hang.

The Jiang Yan Ran from her previous life insisted on being with Song Zi Hang even after she found out he didn't like her. She even begged her parents to pressure him and was finally met with a tragic ending.

Would anything change this time after finding about Song Zi Hang and Shen Meng Qi in advance? What would her choice be? Would she continue to forgive him or would she let go...?

However, this was no longer something she had the energy to care about. She still needed to figure out how to deal with Ling Dong. Her words just now had tampered down the school rumours and dragged Shen Meng Qi down, but she still had to deal with Si Ye Han.

What should I do? Call him and ask if he can help me ward off a suitor?

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