Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 82: She reveals her true nature!

Chapter 82: She reveals her true nature!

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Just as Shen Meng Qi was about to deny what Ye Wan Wan had said, Ye Wan Wan glanced at Jiang Yan Ran inadvertently then gave a thoughtful expression and reminded Shen Meng Qi, "It was the end of last month. Weren't you with Song Zi Hang at the amusement park? It was probably too loud so maybe you couldn't hear me clearly?"

The moment Shen Meng Qi heard these words, her face turned pale and she looked at Jiang Yan Ran in panic.

Damn it! She did go to the amusement park with Song Zi Hang last month and that time, Ye Wan Wan had called her for some reason. As she was enjoying Song Zi Hang's attention, she didn't have the strength to entertain Wan Wan so she simply sent her off with a few words and hung up.

But how did Ye Wan Wan know where I was? Could it be that I accidentally blurted it out?

Damn, and this dumb girl had to talk about this in front of Jiang Yan Ran!

Sure enough, Jiang Yan Ran's expression changed immediately, "What did you say? Last month, Shen Meng Qi and Song Zi Hang went to the amusement park?"

Fang Qin was also a little shocked, "It was Yan Ran's birthday that day! Yan Ran especially invited Song Zi Hang and was prepared to confess her love to him. In the end, Song Zi Hang didn't show up and you also said that you couldn't make it since you were sick. You... Why were you with Song Zi Hang that day...?"

The girls around them were all stunned as well. Jiang Yan Ran likes Song Zi Hang?

Not many people knew about this but Shen Meng Qi was Jiang Yan Ran's roommate and they were very close; there was no way she didn't know.

Since Shen Meng Qi was clearly aware that Jiang Yan Ran liked Song Zi Hang and that she was prepared to confess her love to him on her birthday, why would Shen Meng Qi lie to Jiang Yan Ran about feeling sick and going out with Song Zi Hang?

The expression of the onlookers staring at Shen Meng Qi changed in an instant.

Going behind a good friend's back to seduce the person she likes... completely shameful.

Ye Wan Wan heard Fang Qin's words and immediately looked anxious like she had said something wrong but her eyes were gleaming, "Did I say something wrong...?"

Saying those words increased her credibility.

As everybody knew that Shen Meng Qi and Ye Wan Wan were on very good terms, Jiang Yan Ran trusted those rumours about Ye Wan Wan that Shen Meng Qi said previously. On the contrary, she also believed what Ye Wan Wan had just accidentally revealed.

Furthermore, Jiang Yan Ran wasn't a fool; she had her suspicions as well but wasn't completely sure.

Sure enough, Jiang Yan Ran immediately took out her phone with shaky hands and opened the message Song Zi Hang posted on his Moments at the end of last month.

Song Zi Hang had set a mood: [Love of my life, I'll wait for you to graduate]

The accompanying picture was a photo taken at the amusement park. There were no real people in the photo but only two elongated shadows of a guy and girl.

This obviously meant that Song Zi Hang had confessed his love for the girl but the girl had told him that they could only be together after her graduation.

After her birthday, Jiang Yan Ran saw this message and knew that Song Zi Hang didn't go to her birthday party because he wanted to confess his love to a girl whom he liked for a long time.

But she never would've expected that the true love Song Zi Hang hid from her, the person she really wanted to find out, was someone she actually viewed as her best friend, Shen Meng Qi!

No wonder... no wonder Song Zi Hang never told me who it was!

The person he was protecting so fiercely was actually just by my side!

At that moment, Jiang Yan Ran stared at Shen Meng Qi in disbelief, "Shen Meng Qi, tell me, what's going on here? The person that Song Zi Hang liked all this time... Is you?"

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