Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 85: Took advantage of him

Chapter 85: Took advantage of him

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Shen Meng Qi acted like she'd blurted out Ye Wan Wan's brother's gambling habits by accident, though her seemingly sincere tone had an obvious superiority to it.

Hearing this, the blood in Ye Wan Wan's heart surged, resulting in a taste of iron in her throat.

In the past, Shen Hong Bin was one of her father's footmen but now, her proud brother was reduced to being a slave for the Shen family!

He thought that he was making a sacrificing for love and worked hard for the Shen family, even helping them produce for a big group of popular artists.

Due to the advantages gained from Si Ye Han; the A-list director, Jiang Yan Ran; and her brother who was known globally as the 'god of style' style consultant, the Shen family's company thrived. Their status even kept up with the Ye family in the entertainment business seven years in the future.

As for Ye Wan Wan's brother, in order to win Shen Meng Qi's hand in marriage, he tired himself out and contracted many illnesses at a young age. In the end, his body collapsed. After his value had been squeezed dry, he was kicked out by the Shen family. The Shen family didn't want to be the subject of ridicule so they got people to frame him of breaking an unspoken entertainment business rule, causing him to lose his reputation, be blacklisted by everybody in the entertainment circle, resulting in great despair to him...

She was able to make Jiang Yan Ran see Shen Meng Qi's true self but couldn't get her own brother to regain his senses.

In the past, her brother was also very charming himself--he could go through a million pretty girls without being tempted. He had innumerable girlfriends but then fell for Shen Meng Qi. He treated Shen Meng Qi specially, spoiled her and treated her better than his own sister.

With her ruined relationship with her brother now, if she talked bad about Shen Meng Qi, not only would he not believe her, it would also worsen their relationship.

Until she found someone who could expose Shen Meng Qi and allow her brother to thoroughly see the evidence of the Shen family's true colours, then could he be saved.

However, it's okay to take it slow. Jiang Yan Ran was just the beginning!

Looking at Shen Meng Qi, Ye Wan Wan acted surprised and said, "My brother is a top style consultant and has the title of the 'god of style' in the industry. When Global Entertainment, the rival of Imperial Sky, came to poach him, he didn't even agree to go over. Who knew that some casual words from you could persuade him to switch to your company?"

Although the Shen family's Poly Star Entertainment completely crushed Global Entertainment seven years in the future and became on par with the Ye family's Imperial Sky, currently the Shen family's company was still lagging far behind these two dominant forces.

Once those words had been spoken, the girls around them naturally began to follow the direction of Ye Wan Wan's thinking. If Shen Meng Qi and Ye Mu Fan really had nothing going on, why would Ye Mu Fan be so submissive to her words, give up the opportunity with the leading Global Entertainment and run over to Poly Star?

Also, what Ye Wan Wan said was obviously hinting that the Shen family took advantage of him while still acting as if they were doing him a favour.

Shen Meng Qi's face changed slightly. She forced a smile and said, "After all, Mu Fan and I have known each other for ages so he trusts whatever I say. Even though Poly Star isn't as big as Global, it has potential for growth. Mu Fan is very talented, but after you know what happened with your father... It's no longer so easy for him to work with a big company... Oh, Wan Wan, I'll talk to you again soon, I'm worried about Yan Ran. I'm going to go look for her!"

Shen Meng Qi never expected that Ye Wan Wan would be so difficult today. Even after giving her best effort in her verbal match with Ye Wan Wan in front of the crowd, she was left with almost no room to refute her.

To prevent Ye Wan Wan from making an irrefutable counter, Shen Meng Qi hurriedly found an excuse and left.

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