Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 835 - Play any games you like

Chapter 835: Play any games you like

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Ye Wanwan looked at that man before her dressed in a translucent top with a black collar around his neck and was completely stunned. She couldn’t react at all.

She merely wanted a proper meal at home – what was happening here?

The man noticed she wasn’t speaking, so without a second thought, he started taking off that top which was so see-through that he was basically revealing everything…

Ye Wanwan finally came back to her senses and hurriedly stopped him. *cough…* “Wait wait wait! What on earth are you doing?”

History always has shocking similarities…

Why do people keep stripping before me lately?

The man said anxiously, “Madam, are you unsatisfied with me?”


What do I need to be satisfied with?

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Get up first and put your clothes on properly.”

At this moment, the five people peeping from the kitchen were panicking.

“What’s going on?! This doesn’t make any sense! Master actually asked him to put on his clothes?”

“Is it because this man isn’t good enough and master doesn’t like him?”

“I don’t think so! I hired him from the black market at a high price – look at his body, his face…”

“Weird, when did the Black Widow start being avegetarian?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Bro, could you speak properly?

What’s with this guy?

Is he trying to bribe me?

But that couldn’t be it as she was in her normal female outfit right now and this person wasn’t surprised at all, so he couldn’t be someone from the entertainment industry…

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Whoever you are, get out.”

“Madam…?” The guy was shocked. After all, he hadn’t made any mistakes. “But why?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at him and said casually, “You’re right, I’m not satisfied.”

The man froze – this was an insult to him!

“Uh, madam, sometimes, you can’t be too sure. I can say that none of my clients were unsatisfied with me after they tried…”

The man spoke and tore his shirt off at the same time…

Ye Wanwan was speechless. Why doesn’t this person listen?

Just as she was about to speak, a cold and clear voice came from the door:

“What are you guys… doing.”

Ye Wanwan’s soul flew out of her body. Every inch of hair on her body stood on end and she turned her neck rigidly to look.

She saw that the main door wasn’t closed and Si Ye Han, who was supposed to be on a business trip, was standing at the door. There was an icy aura all around him like a demon from hell.


Ye Wanwan looked at the man wearing an indecent shirt then turned to Si Ye Han. She took at least three seconds before she reacted, “No, Si… Si Ye Han, I can explain…”

Si Ye Han’s gaze swept across the interior of the house. It was as if there was an unmelting frost that covered his face; there wasn’t a hint of warmth at all. Darkness spread in his eyes like a beast who could tear a person apart in the next second. “Seems like I came at the wrong time.”

Before the beast inside his body lost control and charged out of its cage, he turned around and left immediately.

Ye Wanwan looked at this scene and panicked. She hurriedly caught up with him but the man with the collar was blocking her way…

“Madam, who is he…”

“F*ck! Who is he?! He’s my…”

Upon realizing that Si Ye Han was about to leave, panic started to engulf Ye Wanwan. She gritted her teeth, stepped directly onto the dining table and leaped across before she finally caught up to Si Ye Han. With a loud “thud,” she stood behind him and slammed the door shut…

Si Ye Han had nowhere to go. He turned around slowly with his frosty eyes that looked as though they could lose control at any moment and he looked at the girl who was panting. “Get out of the way.”

I’m dead. He looks like he’s really fuming this time…

Ye Wanwan put on a sad face and was about to cry. “Wifey… there are outsiders here… could you please… give me some face?”

Si Ye Han: “…”

At the same time, Ye Wanwan roared, “THE FIVE OF YOU, GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!”

She thought wrongly just now – how could that be a bribe? She had five experts guarding this place so nobody could walk in and out of here whenever they pleased unless they were the ones who set it up.

She even thought these people were reliable – seriously…

Very soon, the five of them came out of the kitchen one after another. “M-Master… You called for us?”

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