Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 836 - Call me anytime

Chapter 836: Call me anytime

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The man wearing the black collar froze when he saw Si Ye Han.

Just a second ago, he always believed that there was absolutely no woman who could resist his charms.

He assumed this woman wasn’t satisfied with him only because she hadn’t tried him yet…

But when he saw the man at the door, he finally understood the difference between heaven and earth…

It was no wonder this woman showed no change in expression when she saw him.

The five mercenaries were about to break down. Originally, they wanted to gain some brownie points and curry favor with their new master, but who knew that they would get “caught in the act” by the main wife.

While they were spying from the kitchen, they wondered why the legendary Black Widow, who was known for not discriminating between any males, was suddenly a vegetarian.

But now, it suddenly dawned on them that it wasn’t that she was a vegetarian, but… she was “henpecked”?

Truly, as the saying went, “everything has its weakness”…

Who would’ve thought that the Black Widow, who had no lack of men, would fall head first for this man?

In the living room, the five of them drifted into their own thoughts.

Ye Wanwan didn’t care what they were thinking. She looked at each and every one of them as she said, “Tell me exactly who this person is and why he’s in the house all of a sudden?”

At this moment, Ye Wanwan was suppressing her anger. Her eyes were gloomy and she was even scarier than Si Ye Han standing next to her.

The five of them were so scared that their legs were trembling; they looked at one another and didn’t dare to utter a word.

Little Lolita hid behind the old housekeeper. “Mmmm-master… I don’t know anything…”

The fatty tweaked his ears and scratched his cheeks then blurted out, “Master, he… he’s the new servant we just hired!”

Bearded-man exclaimed, “Master, he’s an assassin!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Could the two of you get some agreement between your statements before talking? This will cause my death, alright?

Actually, Ye Wanwan didn’t need to think any further to know what was going on. Finally, after pinching her brows, she waved at them. “Take the man away.”

Hurry up! 

Having this man here was like holding a ticking time bomb. Hurry and take him out of Si Ye Han’s sight. 

The fat man and the bearded man nodded then immediately got up to get the man to leave…

“Leave quickly, go, go…”

“Quick, quick, quick…”

The man picked up his clothes from the ground and stood up slowly then walked towards the door.

As he brushed past Ye Wanwan, he glanced at Si Ye Han then looked at Ye Wanwan and said softly, “Madam, no wonder you weren’t satisfied with me. I admit I really can’t compare with him in terms of appearance, but…”

But what? 

Ye Wanwan frowned. She suddenly had this feeling that his next sentence wasn’t going to be good.

The man paused, chuckled, then continued to speak. “But madam, you can’t just judge a man by his appearance. If he’s too boring, he would just be nothing more than a decoration. Don’t you agree, madam?”

YWW: “…” Agree your father!!! 

The man flashed an ambiguous smile and lowered his voice, but Si Ye Han could still hear him. “Madam, if you change your mind, you can still call me anytime. For you, I can give it to you free of charge oh~”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

When the man finished speaking, he turned and left. The five mercenaries were trembling so badly that they started to rub their hands instinctively. Damn, why does it feel so cold all of a sudden?  

Running faster than a rabbit, the five people slipped away very quickly.

Finally, there was only Ye Wanwan left in the living room facing a great devil whom she didn’t have the guts to look at…

Damn it, I got into trouble even when I was just sitting at home minding my own business…

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