Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 834 - Prepared a big feast

Chapter 834: Prepared a big feast

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Ye Wanwan was completely speechless – she asked them a question and nobody answered, but when she sent out red pockets, every one of them snatched one within seconds…

Famous Ye:…]

Ye Wanwan sent an ellipsis in the group chat.

After they snatched up the red pockets, there was silence once again like it was a dead group.

Ye Wanwan didn’t buy it and sent another red pocket in the group chat.

It was still snatched up in seconds…

Looking at the record of these five people grabbing the red pockets, Ye Wanwan was speechless.

Upon seeing that it was almost dinner time, Ye Wanwan placed her phone down, went upstairs to shower and changed her clothes.

When she came back downstairs, the dishes were all ready.

Ye Wanwan sat down and took a bite. To her surprise, it tasted pretty good.

“Master, how… how is it?” Heidi stammered and stood by the side, afraid that the Black Widow would take it out on her if the food wasn’t to her liking.

If he was better looking, there might be a chance he could be her boy toy, but with his looks, the Black Widow would only treat him as fertilizer [1].

“Not bad.”

“Heh heh, that’s good, that’s good. To be quite honest, I used to be a chef but I haven’t cooked in a long time. I’m really out of practice now. Master, don’t worry, I’ll get better at it!” Heidi tried his best to show his loyalty. “I won’t disturb master any longer – please enjoy your meal!”

In the kitchen:

Five people were huddled inside, gossiping.

Little Lolita peeped at Ye Wanwan, who was in the living room, and exclaimed, “Wow, master looks beautiful when she’s dressed as a woman and looks dashing when she’s dressed as a man. She even looks quite easy going!”

The fatty glared at her. “Stupid girl, what do you know? That’s just on the surface – she kills people like scything flax, bathes in human blood and feeds human bones to the dogs! Easy going? It’ll be your doomsday if she gets mad!”

The bearded man nodded his head continuously. “Exactly!”

The long-haired man was worried. “Ay, we’re living under the same roof. How are we going to live with her…? What if master isn’t in a good mood one day… wouldn’t that be the end for all of us?”

The bearded man and fatty looked at one another then revealed sinister smiles. “Don’t worry about that; Fatty and I already prepared for it!”

“Ah? Prepared? What did you guys prepare?” The long-haired man didn’t understand.

“Prepare what, prepare what?” Little Lolita probed.

“Move aside, we prepared a big meal for the lady…” smirked the fatty.

Long-haired man: “Feast…?”

Little Lolita: “…???”

In the living room, Ye Wanwan was enjoying her meal.

At first, she invited Si Ye Han over to take a look at her new place, but he had something at the last minute and had to go on a business trip so he couldn’t make it.

Just as she was about to go to work after eating, there were footsteps at the door.

“Sorry to disturb, hel-hello…” A man suddenly appeared at the door.

The man was handsome and had a great figure. His charisma was comparable to a superstar’s.

Out of habit, Ye Wanwan sized the man up carefully and her eyes lit up slightly – if 10 marks was a full score, this man scored at least a nine.

After that, Ye Wanwan looked at this stranger suspiciously. “You are?”

The man appeared a little nervous and walked over to Ye Wanwan carefully like she was some terrifying beast. “I… I…”

Ye Wanwan frowned. “What?”

The man pursed his lips and didn’t speak. He simply took off his coat and revealed an unexpectedly translucent shirt inside, and there was even a black necklace around his neck…

Then the man leaned over and knelt in front of Ye Wanwan. “I’m here to serve you, madam… Please, madam, enjoy at will…”

Ye Wanwan: “…?!”



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