Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 833 - Giving out red packets

Chapter 833: Giving out red packets

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After the four of them were done with their discussion, they left and went their own ways.

At the entrance of the bar, Ye Wanwan asked Ye Mu Fan, “We definitely have to move out of the apartment after resigning. Where do you plan on living?”

Gong Xu has always had his own place, while Luo Chen already bought a place he could move into at any time.

Ye Mu Fan replied, “I’m definitely moving back home – I’ve been wanting to move back to stay with mom and dad and now’s the right time. I already told them and they’re really happy! What about you? Do you want to go back with me?”

Ye Wanwan said, “I want to, but it’s quite inconvenient for me to go back due to my identity as Ye Bai. I already bought a courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing at a low price and although it’s a bit old, it won’t be bad after a bit of cleaning up. It’s really quiet too!”

Ye Mu Fan frowned. “How could I let you live alone in such a faraway place?”

Ye Wanwan replied casually, “Don’t worry about me. I hired a few servants and furthermore, my boyfriend will come over often to keep me company.”

The mercenaries she rescued in Myanmar had already been disguised as servants and were arranged to live in the courtyard.

Ye Mu Fan: “…”

The last sentence is the key! 

Ay, it’s hard to keep a grown girl at home…

Ye Wanwan already arranged for someone to move her luggage from the apartment to the new place while she was on the business trip. Hence, after she parted with Ye Mu Fan, she headed straight to the suburbs.

Ye Wanwan stopped the car outside the entrance of the courtyard.

She saw a small two-story building and there was a glass greenhouse in the courtyard. Although it was slightly old, it looked very stylish. It had a rustic atmosphere and it was away from the hustle and bustle of the city; it gave off a sense of paradise.

This used to be an architect’s home so it had a great layout, but since the couple moved abroad years earlier, it became deserted.

As soon as the sound of the car engine was heard, a petite figure rushed out from the courtyard. “Master, you’re back! Ah…”

When the little Lolita mercenary, wearing a lovely maid outfit, rushed out and saw Ye Wanwan in her men’s clothes, her eyes bugged straight out at her. “Ahhh! Master is so handsome! I’m going to faint…”

Although master already told them she also had a male identity, she didn’t think master would look so incredibly handsome in menswear!

Soon, four other people came out to the courtyard. There was a fat man in a chef’s outfit, an old man dressed as a housekeeper with a swallow-tailed coat, a long-haired man wearing rain boots while holding a pair of shears for branches and leaves, and a bearded man dressed as a security guard.

They all stood in a row and said in unison, “Master! Welcome home——”

Upon seeing how well-mannered they were, Ye Wanwan nodded in satisfaction.Not bad eh, much better than the MLM group of five…

“Master, Heidi has already prepared the meal. May I know when you’d like to have dinner?” the elderly mercenary asked respectfully.

Ye Wanwan replied: “In half an hour.”

Ye Wanwan sat on the couch in the living room while fiddling with her phone, deep in thought.

She sent Nameless Nie a text, but why hadn’t she heard from him for so many days?

For convenience’s sake, she added the five of them on WeChat and established a WeChat group.

Thus, Ye Wanwan directly sent a message in the WeChat group:

[Is anyone there?] 

But after waiting for some time, the group was still quiet and no one replied.

Are they all busy?

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and waited for a while longer. There was still no reply, so she casually tapped on her phone and sent the group a red pocket containing a dollar.

[Nameless Nie received your red pocket.]

[Spray of Flowers received your red pocket.]

[Devotee received your red pocket.]

[Little Sweetie Aisin Gioro received your red pocket.]

Dead Man received your red pocket.]

Ye Wanwan: “…”

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