Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 815 - To smooth cooperation

Chapter 815: To smooth cooperation

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Liang Chong’s eyes lit up as he listened up to this point. It seemed like Cai Yong Sheng had won over his heart.

Lately, their long-time rival, VIVI, had a tight hold on the industry and he was under immense pressure. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wanted an artist like Gong Xu who had fame but no reputation – it would normally be degrading.

However, the negotiation skills of director Ye from Dazzling were simply too good and broke his resolve.

It was just that he hadn’t expected there would be a sudden change in director and now, Cai Yong Sheng was even suggesting displaying these two people together. Although the newbie didn’t have enough popularity or reputation, Cai Yong Sheng said Dazzling wanted to use this opportunity to get this artist out there and by then, it would definitely drive up the sales volumes of the magazine.

Anyway, he already broke his resolve for Gong Xu; there wouldn’t be much difference if he broke it again for the sake of sales volumes…

When he saw that Liang Chong was contemplating it, Cai Yong Sheng kept winking at the female artist by the side.

“Chief editor Liang, I’ll perform well…” Lucy Yang spoke and placed her hand on Liang Chong’s thigh.

Not only would she be able to drive up sales volumes, but this Cai Yong Sheng had also been in the industry for some time and he would be able to fish up some benefits for himself, so why would he be against it?

Thinking up to this point, Liang Chong immediately said, “It’s not against our previous agreement to have both of them on the cover…”

Cai Yong Sheng was elated. “Chief editor Liang, you’re straightforward and decisive. Then I wish us smooth cooperation!”

Liang Chong: “To smooth cooperation!”

The next morning, Ye Mu Fan ran to find Ye Wanwan in a huff.

“Wanwan, I already said that the sly old fox, Chu Hong Guang, doesn’t have any good intentions! He suddenly roped Cai Yong Sheng into the company to take credit from you!”

“He’s been in the company for only a day and went around telling people that he got the cover of Beauty ! Damn, weren’t you the one who negotiated for that cover? He simply went for a meal with the chief editor and all the credit went straight to him?”

Ye Mu Fan got angrier the more he thought about it. “This guy has Chu Hong Guang to back him up and will only become more brazen in the future. It’s better to just resign and leave than to stay here and tolerate him!”

Ye Wanwan walked over, poured a cup of tea for Ye Mu Fan and looked at him. “Don’t rush. Now is not the time yet.”

Ye Mu Fan hurriedly said, “Darn it, I almost forgot you haven’t paid off the house from Chu Hong Guang – how much do you need? I have some money – just take it all!”

No matter how much a stylist earned, it wouldn’t be comparable to the income of an artist or manager; furthermore, he hadn’t worked for long, so he couldn’t have saved up much.

It was all his fault for fooling around so much in the past. If he started working hard earlier on, Wanwan wouldn’t have to suffer alone.

What worried him more was that if they really resigned, where could they go…

It wasn’t easy to start from scratch or join another company…

“No need for that, – you’re rising up yourself and will need the money for other areas. I’ll have enough to pay off the house once I get my salary this month. Oh right, what’s the update on the issue I told you to take care of?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“I’ve been monitoring it closely – there’s no news of Imperial Sky shooting that movie you mentioned,” Ye Mu Fan replied then he asked, puzzled, “But why do you care what movie Imperial Sky is shooting?”

Ye Wanwan’s face took on a thoughtful expression – she just wanted to make sure things went the same way as in her previous life.

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