Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 814 - Freeload off his fame

Chapter 814: Freeload off his fame

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The second Ye Wanwan returned, the little assistant said anxiously, “Director Ye, we’re in trouble!”

Ye Wanwan: “What is it?”

“Didn’t you have an appointment with chief editor Liang this afternoon? In the end, the newly-appointed director Cai took him away and even said that from today onwards, he’ll be responsible for everything to do with collaboration matters!”

The little assistant got angrier as she spoke. “Ye-ge, this Cai Yong Sheng is too much. You were obviously the one who successfully clinched the deal, and even if you transferred, you should still be the one to complete this – how could he snatch it away like that? Wouldn’t all the credit go to him then?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t show any change in her facial expression at all after hearing that the deal she worked on over the past month had been intercepted midway. She said indifferently, “He has the ability to snatch it over, but does he have the ability to swallow it down…”

Imperial City, in a booth at a high-class restaurant:

“Chief editor Liang, let me introduce you to a newbie under me, Lucy Yang! Lucy, quick, get a glass of wine for chief editor Liang. Beauty is the number one fashion magazine now, and even the well-known fashion magazine, VIVI was overtaken by it – many people yearn to be in the magazine!” Cai Yong Sheng eagerly got all the beauties and newbies under him to drink with him.

Everyone liked hearing praise and it was no different for Liang Chong. He replied gleefully, “Director Cai, you flatter me.”

“Chief editor Liang, you don’t have to be so humble; I’m only speaking the truth, haha…” Cai Yong Sheng spoke while he hinted at the female artists with his eyes.

Lucy Yang immediately caught on. She raised her glass and walked towards Liang Chong as she sat very close to him. “Chief editor Liang, cheers!”

After three rounds of drinks, Cai Yong Sheng used all sorts of boot-licking to make Liang Chong happy and he took this chance to say, “Chief editor Liang, Lucy is the top newbie we have at Dazzling Media this year. We’ll be pushing her for many projects and all resources will go to her first. She just acted in a female lead role and will definitely rise in popularity in the future. Perhaps you could let Lucy try out for the cover of this upcoming issue…”

Listening up to this point, Liang Chong knitted his brows – drinking was a separate matter and he would never be sloppy with his work. Since he was able to reach the position of chief editor, he obviously wasn’t a fool who would simply believe the words of others.

The newcomers this year were like a school of carp moving down a stream. This Lucy Yang was just one of many, and although there were many resources raining down, they were still insufficient.

She wasn’t qualified enough to be on his magazine, and if he had known sooner that Dazzling’s director was preparing to push this kind of artist to him, he wouldn’t have shown up for this meal.

Liang Chong said indifferently, “Director Cai, I think you might have made a mistake somewhere? Previously, I discussed this with director Ye and agreed to let Gong Xu be on the cover of the magazine. I already thought of a theme specifically for him, yet suddenly, you’re saying you want a change of artist. I’m afraid I can’t go on with this contract, eh!”

Cai Yong Sheng coughed lightly and said, “Chief editor Liang, don’t be anxious. Of course, I wouldn’t want to breach the contract and have such a drastic switch in the artist. What I meant was that you could perhaps get Lucy to appear on the cover with Gong Xu?”

“How the public perceives Gong Xu is very well known, but lately, he’s had a change in attitude and cultivated his moral character. He doesn’t have a girlfriend at all and there isn’t any gossip circulating about him lately, so the public is extremely curious about him…”

“Think about it – what if some gossip spread during this period? Wouldn’t it elicit greater enthusiasm from the public? By then, your magazine would sell out everywhere…”

Cai Yong Sheng’s hint was already very obvious.

Not only did he want to snatch Ye Wanwan’s credit, but he also wanted to lower Gong Xu’s fame and use Gong Xu to bring his own newbie up…

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