Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 816 - Stained integrity

Chapter 816: Stained integrity

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She had to determine whether Imperial Sky would be shooting that script they stole off Xu Lin.

She had already written out this script based on her memory and registered for copyright before Imperial Sky. She had also already launched the project in secret.

This was the most critical trump card she had – it would determine whether or not she could bring about a change in her fortune…

If she didn’t tread carefully and left Dazzling without careful consideration, it would be challenging for her to make a comeback.

Right now, she had to quickly pay off her debts and take full ownership of the property rights to the house. Then she had to wait for news from Imperial Sky…

Ye Wanwan was in the middle of thinking when an urgent ringing came from her phone.

Gong Xu’s assistant, Dong Zai, was heard anxiously speaking over the receiver: “Ye-ge, we’re in trouble. Gong Xu… Gong Xu is fighting with Cai Yong Sheng right now…”

Ye Wanwan frowned. “Cai Yong Sheng? Didn’t you guys go to a shooting for the cover of Beauty  today?”

Dong Zai answered, “Yes, but director Cai brought the artist under him, Lucy Yang, and even said that Lucy Yang would be on the cover with Gong Xu. Gong Xu wasn’t unwilling, so they started fighting!”

Didn’t expect that this Cai Yong Sheng would actually steal my credit and even bring his own artist into this to leech on our resources and Gong Xu’s fame.

What a great plan!

“I’ll come over right away.” Ye Wanwan hung up immediately after speaking.

“Wanwan, what happened?” Ye Mu Fan was worried.

Ye Wanwan: “Cai Yong Sheng brought Lucy Yang and slotted her onto the cover of Beauty. 

Ye Mu Fan: “What?! Why’s this person so absurd?!”

Ye Wanwan: “I’ll go take a look. Don’t worry about me and just go about with your things.”

Beauty  magazine company building, in the studio:

“Ye-ge!” Once he saw Ye Wanwan, Gong Xu, who was arguing with Cai Yong Sheng, immediately looked as if he had been defiled. “Ye-ge, I’m not shooting for this magazine anymore. I want to go home!”

Liang Chong purposely put on a surprised expression when he saw Ye Wanwan. “Aiya, director Ye, why did you come down personally?”

Ye Wanwan first gave Gong Xu a meaningful glance to tell him to hold his horses then turned to Liang Chong and got straight to the point: “Chief editor Liang, if I didn’t remember incorrecgtly, we agreed that Gong Xu would be on the cover of this issue.”

A hint of light flashed in Liang Chong eyes and he said casually, “Director Ye, oh wait – I should call you vice-president Ye now. I haven’t congratulated you on your promotion, eh! The thing is, although I agreed to Gong Xu being on the cover of this issue, I didn’t mention that there wouldn’t be anyone else, right?”

Ye Wanwan revealed a cold smile. He’s actually playing the word game with me, huh…

Liang Chong continued, “Furthermore, the director of talent recruitment is Mr. Cai now and I’ve already discussed this with him.”

Even though Ye Wanwan was now the vice-president, everyone knew about Cai Yong Sheng’s relationship with Chu Hong Guang and why Chu Hong Guang brought him into Dazzling Media. Everybody from the internal departments of Dazzling to external parties was very clear on who held the most power.

This vice-president role was just an empty name in reality – it was simply a title.

At this moment, Cai Yong Sheng brought Lucy Yang over and grinned widely. “Vice-president Ye, just leave this small matter to me. You don’t have to trouble yourself with it. Look at how compatible Gong Xu is with our Lucy; they’re pleasing to the eyes, and people would love to see them together. Also, the movie that our Lucy starred in has just aired. She’s very popular now and the sales volume for this issue will definitely be off the charts!”

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