Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 799 - Aren't you ashamed at all

Chapter 799: Aren’t you ashamed at all

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Liang Mei Xuan looked at Ye Mu Fan’s deflated expression and her happiness was restored. “Ay, my Yiyi-jie is outstanding. Everyone says she’s educated and well-balanced and has a pure heart and spirit; even Yue Ze’s parents keep saying she’s smart and capable. Many friends and relatives of the Gu family keep asking if Yiyi has any elder or younger sister who they could get to know and I immediately thought of Ye Wanwan; I wanted to play matchmaker but was afraid that…

Liang Mei Xuan was praising Ye Yiyi while bringing up the Gu family. She was directly stabbing Ye Wanwan in the heart and even pretended to be hesitant to speak up. What she meant was that Ye Yiyi had a cousin but she couldn’t introduce her because she might bring down the entire family’s reputation.

“Liang Mei Xuan, what do you mean by that?! Are you trying to throw shade on someone! Don’t forget who the marriage was arranged for in the first place! You stole something that belonged to Ye Wanwan, yet you’re still acting so smug here – aren’t you ashamed at all?!” Ye Mu Fan held it in earlier and didn’t say anything but listening up to this point, he finally reached his limit.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Mu Fan.

If she was the Ye Wanwan from her previous life, she would’ve reacted much more strongly than Ye Mu Fan.

In her previous life, she resented that Ye Yiyi always pretended to be generous, elegant, high and mighty, and they always stepped on their family whenever they could.

Just thinking about the fact that Ye Yiyi had stolen her fiance, whenever Ye Yiyi simply opened her mouth to speak, that would be enough to cause Ye Wanwan to lose control. Furthermore, there was Liang Mei Xuan fanning the flames by the side.

Each time they returned to the old residence, she would cause a ruckus.

Even if the two elderly didn’t like her mother, she was still their granddaughter. They chased her out of the house only because she utterly embarrassed the Ye family many times and insisted on cutting all ties with the Ye family. The two elderly had run out of patience for her, which was why she was in this state…

And the present Ye Wanwan obviously wouldn’t do something so silly.

Upon hearing Ye Mu Fan’s questioning, Liang Mei Xuan looked surprised. “Mu Fan, what are you trying to say? I merely wanted to play matchmaker for Wanwan but was afraid Wanwan would think I’m too nosey and get upset – how am I throwing shade, huh?”

“But I have to ask YOU what YOU mean by that – stole what that belonged to Wanwan? Yue Ze broke up with Wanwan before he got together with our Yiyi. It was done openly and aboveboard, and the two of them are in love – you really shouldn’t go around talking like that.”

“Everyone knew how Wanwan was like in the past. Look at your conscience and ask yourself if it was you, who would you pick? With relationships, you can’t force anything.”

Tsk, open and aboveboard, two of them are in love, huh?

She set me up then threatened my father and finally, hooked up with Gu Yue Ze, slowly destroying our family completely…

Liang Mei Xuan spoke while she observed the reactions of Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan calmly.

She wasn’t afraid these two would cause a ruckus, it would be best if they could start a big one – that would be exciting.

Lately, she noticed that the two elderly were starting to soften and her head starting hurting…

Ye Mu Fan was so mad that he nearly charged towards Liang Mei Xuan. “YOU…”

At this moment, Ye Wanwan, who hadn’t spoken at all, pulled Ye Mu Fan back casually then smiled widely and walked towards the two elderly, Liang Mei Xuan, and Ye Yiyi. She said with crystal clear eyes, “Ge, you’ve misunderstood Second Aunt How could she mean it that way? Second Aunt really liked Yue Ze-ge before, and now that he’s with Yiyi, Second Aunt is just really happy, so she simply said stuff like how the Gu family fancies Yiyi.”

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