Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 798 - Must get it back

Chapter 798: Must get it back

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The next morning, Dazzling Media:

“You’re finally done having fun?” Ye Mu Fan whined.

Ye Wanwan grinned. “I brought some gifts for daddy, mommy and you.”

Ye Mu Fan’s expression changed slightly as he mumbled, “At least you have some conscience!”

“We’re going to the old residence tonight, right?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Yeah…” Once she brought this up, Ye Mu Fan’s face turned dark. “Can we not go? Aren’t things going well for us? Why must we go back and get bullied?!”

Ye Wanwan swept her eyes across him and her gaze was icy-cold. “I’ve said this before – you must win the Ye family back! Did you forget how they treated mom and dad?”

“Oh…’ Ye Mu Fan was embarrassed after receiving Ye Wanwan’s icy glare and he rubbed his nose. “Of course I want that too, but with our current abilities and grandpa and grandma’s prejudice against us, it’s as hard as ascending to the skies…”

Ye Wanwan looked at him. “You think grandpa and grandma’s trust in them is so strong that it can’t be broken?”

Evening at the Ye family’s old residence:

The two seniors had already heard about Ye Mu Fan’s involvement in the movie and the fact he had won so many big awards. They also knew about him serving as the vice president of the Fashion Association.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have done something so groundbreaking as inviting him over for dinner for the very first time.

It was a Ye family clan gathering today, so many friends and relatives were present.

The second Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan appeared, they attracted quite a bit of attention.

With their looks, this pair of siblings was simply too eye-catching when they stood next to each other.

Tan Yi Lan looked at the siblings who were very pleasing to the eyes, and her expression turned warm.

“Grandma!” After being nudged awake by Ye Wanwan, Ye Mu Fan kept his spirits up and walked towards the two elderly.

“Grandma, I brought a gift for you and grandpa – take a look and see if you like it!”

“It’s enough that you’re here. Why did you bring us gifts?!” Although that was what Tan Yi Lan said, she was still very satisfied.

Ye Mu Fan looped his arm onto Tan Yi Lan’s arm intimately. “I’ve earned some money, so the first thing I should do is buy you presents obviously!”

Tan Yi Lan was relieved to hear that and she said, “Mu Fan, you’re finally starting to be more sensible now. Lately, your performance isn’t bad and when I bumped into chairman Mu, he even praised you.”

“Did he praise me for getting the good genes from grandma – your fantastic taste in fashion?”

“Oh, you ah…”

Seeing that Tan Yi Lan was so happy with Ye Mu Fan sucking up to her, Liang Mei Xuan gritted her teeth.

Liang Mei Xuan strode over and mumbled, “Mom, I heard Mu Fan is a stylist for a small subsidiary company under Worldwide? How could our people from Emperor Sky work for Worldwide? If this comes out, what would people think…”

Ye Mu Fan sneered, “2nd aunt, I’m afraid you’re quite shallow, huh? As the saying goes, ‘Learn from the foreigners in order to gain command of them.’ We have to know ourselves and the enemy, then we’ll be able to emerge victoriously – I’m working at Worldwide in order to find out more about them and understand the way they work.”

Behind him, old master Ye walked over and nodded. “What Mu Fan said makes sense.”

Liang Mei Xuan didn’t have anything to say. Her face was covered in resentment.

She couldn’t tolerate it and wanted to continue when a little hand tugged at her arm lightly, asking her to stop.

Ye Yiyi was wearing a beautiful light blue evening gown and she walked over to Tan Yi Lan. “Grandma, I have good news – we’ve reached an agreement to collaborate with Splendid Pictures for our key TV series this year…”

When Tan Yi Lan heard that, she directed all her attention to Ye Yiyi. “Really?”

Splendid Pictures was the country’s top movie production company, synonymous with the word “BIG.”

When Ye Mu Fan heard that, his eyes turned gloomy. While he was still struggling at a small subsidiary company, Ye Yiyi had already reached a level that was beyond his reach…

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