Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 797 - Hope you get to bed him soon

Chapter 797: Hope you get to bed him soon

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“Bbb-boss!” The few of them immediately stood up when they saw Ye Wanwan and their faces turned pale.

The elderly man hurriedly explained, “Madam, please ignore the two of them – they didn’t mean it.”

Little Lolita was so frightened that she cried. “Mommy, I don’t want to be sucked dry of my blood. I don’t want to be a human puppet…”

The bearded man’s legs trembled. “Boss, I was wrong, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have run my mouth!”

The guy with long hair quickly explained, “Yes yes yes, boss. Don’t stoop to Qiang-ge’s level! Boss, there must be a very important mission which is why you’re hiding in the Si family – we know, we know!”

Ye Wanwan strode over and sat down lazily on the black leather sofa. She glanced at the trembling and terrified people. “No, I just want to bed Si Ye Han.”

She was racking her brains for an explanation but it was fine now. They saved her the trouble.

The group of five mercenaries choked on their words: “…”

*Cough cough cough…* The long-haired man nearly choked to death on his own saliva. He struggled for a long time before he managed to say: “Uh, that… then I hope boss… can… bed him soon…”

The fatty obediently said, “Boss, do you need some help with that? I have a type of medicine that allows you to do whatever you want to him. No matter how good looking he is, he’ll listen to you!”

Ye Wanwan: “…no need.”

The guy with long hair mumbled, “Stupid fatso, what do you know huh? That’s not fun at all. With boss’ abilities, it’d be so easy if she wants to force it on him.”

The fatty immediately replied, “That’s true, that’s true. I was being nosey!”

At this moment, the elderly asked, “Madam, it’s so late. Do you have something you need to tell us?”

Ye Wanwan warned them, “From today onwards, you guys will follow me around and I’ll change your identities. Also, none of you are allowed to divulge my identity to anyone, understand?”


“Thank you, boss!”

The five of them shouted at the same time.

Ye Wanwan assigned them some tasks before returning to the apartment.

Behind her, the five mercenaries watched as Ye Wanwan left and started whispering among themselves.

“It’s been a close call for us all this time. If it wasn’t for the Rose of Death’s appearance, we wouldn’t be here today!” The long-haired man sighed.

Thinking back to those days when they were on the run, the five people had a gloomy expression as they recalled their fallen brothers.

The fatty said, “We’re a new team. Should we give something nice to boss to win her favor and to thank boss for saving us?!”

“What should we give her then? I like fluffy little bears! How cute would that be?!” Little Lolita asked.

“The adults are talking. Kids should move aside!” The fatty shoved Little Lolita away and moved closer to the long-haired and bearded man. “Boss couldn’t bed the Si family’s master after so long, so she must be really thirsty – why don’t we offer her a few handsome men?”

“I think that’s not a bad idea…”

“I think that would work!”

Late at night, Ye Wanwan laid on her bed, unable to fall asleep – too many things had happened recently.

Thinking about that white-haired man she saw that day, Ye Wanwan picked up her phone and looked through QQ.

Which secret expert would exchange their QQ number with someone they just met? It’s really strange.

Ye Wanwan was thinking about it when she realized that the white-haired man had updated his nickname about an hour ago: “What’s even lonelier than being invincible is not having Little Worriless by my side [cries]”


Ye Wanwan stared at the word on her screen.

Is that a name or something else?

It looked quite familiar…

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