Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 796 - I'm special and gifted

Chapter 796: I’m special and gifted

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Ye Wanwan held her head. Why do I keep bumping into such weird people after being reborn?

However, since she was reborn, her coping mechanisms were quite strong; if it was anybody else, he or she would’ve probably been confused and gone crazy.

“You don’t have WeChat? What about QQ?!” The white-haired man was already reading out his QQ number in haste.

Ye Wanwan took out her phone and added his QQ helplessly.

The two of them added each other as friends. Then Ye Wanwan saw that his nickname was “Lonely Top Dog” and his display picture was a photo of himself. If it wasn’t for his good looks, this head of white hair would make him look like a punk.

His biography was truly hard to explain in a few words: “How lonely it is to be invincible, how empty it is to be invincible, alone at the top with the cold wind howling; who could understand my loneliness”…

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Ye Wanwan sent him a $100 red packet through the app without a word.

The white-haired man smiled and accepted the red packet. Then he suddenly stared at her and asked, “Miss, who taught you those moves just now?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at him and simply replied, “I learned them myself. Why?”

Lately, various moves and strategies often appeared in her head.

When the white-haired man heard that, he raised his brows. “Are you sure you weren’t taught by a handsome and amazing expert?”

Ye Wanwan: “…I think it’s because I’m special and gifted.”

The white-haired man choked. “Miss, you’re not modest at all…”

Ye Wanwan: “Is there anything else? Otherwise, I need to go and repair my car.”

“Ah, I suddenly remembered that I’m meeting someone for a spar. I’ll get going first! Miss, if you really want to thank me, just help me with my QQ membership level! The annual fee one!” The white-haired man glanced at the big dent on her car and was afraid she would ask for compensation, so he hurriedly waved and ran away without a trace.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

If he wants to act as an expert, could he do it all the way?

He’s not putting in any effort at all…

It wasn’t suitable to stay there for long. After the white-haired man left, Ye Wanwan left as well and thankfully, the engine wasn’t damaged, so she could still drive the car.

Judging by the fighters’ moves, she could tell they had powerful sponsors.

However, these people seemed to be afraid and didn’t dare to attack her openly.

Just which power wants to take my life…

The elders in the Si family or Qin Ruo Xi? Or is there a power behind the scenes that I didn’t know about in both lives?

In her previous life, she also encountered an assassination attempt like this. After that, she somehow died. She didn’t even know how she died, so she didn’t have any clues at all.

And where did this white-haired man, who suddenly appeared then disappeared, come from? It’s simply puzzling…

With these thoughts running through Ye Wanwan’s mind, she made a U-turn and drove directly to a courtyard in the suburbs of Beijing.

She already got Feng Xuan Yi to gather those mercenaries she brought over from Myanmar and settled them down somewhere.

With her current situation, it was the right time to build her army.

When Ye Wanwan arrived, those few people were all huddled together, talking about their new boss.

Little Lolita held her face. “Didn’t expect that the Black Widow would be so pretty; she’s even prettier than how they described her in those rumors…”

The fatty shook his head. “Of course she’s pretty – she drinks the blood of young girls like you to maintain her looks, eh!”

The guy with long hair said, “Why do you think the Black Widow would create this identity and hide in the Si family?”

The bearded man glanced at him and said, “Baby, you’re so dumb – do you even need to ask? Obviously, it’s for a man. Everyone knows the Black Widow loves good-looking men! It was rumored that even though the master of the Si family is brutal and violent, he’s extremely handsome. Tsk tsk tsk… boss entered the Si family with a hidden identity – what other reason could it be other than to sleep with him, huh…”

Ye Wanwan who was standing at the door: “…”

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