Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 800 - I will never let you suffer

Chapter 800: I will never let you suffer

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“Furthermore, Yiyi-jie is really amazing. Yiyi-jie is now my role model and as for Yue Ze-ge, he’s very compatible with Yiyi-jie so I sincerely give them my blessings. I hope they can get along well; otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the initiative to cancel the engagement at grandpa’s birthday banquet that time. I did that because I don’t want Yiyi-jie and Yue Ze-ge to be affected by me.

“I was too ignorant and willful in the past and made grandpa and grandma so worried and disappointed. Thankfully, there’s 2nd aunt and Yiyi-jie by their side…”

Hearing what Ye Wanwan said, Liang Mei Xuan looked like she had just seen a ghost and Ye Yiyi furrowed her brows as well.

Ye Mu Fan was obviously dumbstruck.

Tan Yi Lan looked at her granddaughter carefully – not only did she change her style of dress, but even her character had also changed quite a bit. Although she was still doubtful, she still said, “It’s great that you think this way.”

Ye Hong Wei’s cold and sour expression warmed up a little. “You’re finally behaving properly!”

Ye Wanwan walked up to Liang Mei Xuan and took out a small box. She opened it and there was a jade beaded bracelet inside. “2nd aunt, I went to Myanmar for holiday and specifically bought you a jade beaded bracelet – it’s not expensive but I picked it out very carefully. I hope you like it.”

Liang Mei Xuan looked doubtful and skeptical *. This brat… what’s with the drastic change in attitude, and what tricks does she have up her sleeve? *

Seeing that Liang Mei Xuan was in a daze, Ye Wanwan looked hurt and retracted her arm slightly. “I was rude, sorry. This thing is so cheap; it’s not consistent with 2nd aunt’s status at all…”

Liang Mei Xuan hurriedly accepted the item and hid the disdain in her eyes. She smiled. “Not at all! It’s seldom that Wanwan is so nice! I really like it! Thank you!”

The old man was pleased to see this. He nodded and said in a serious tone, “Not bad, this is how a family should be; don’t keep fighting anymore.”

He was very satisfied with Ye Wanwan’s performance today.

They chatted for a bit before Ye Mu Fan couldn’t hold it in any longer and he pulled Ye Wanwan aside. “Wanwan, have you lost your mind? Nevermind that you’re speaking so nicely to that woman, but you even gave her a gift!”

Ye Wanwan stroked the rose petals calmly. “You think I should squabble with her like you did? If you cause a ruckus today, those good impressions grandpa and grandma had of us would go down the drain.”

“But we don’t have to be so submissive with her, right…” Ye Mu Fan clenched his fists tightly when he thought of how Ye Wanwan swallowed her pride, humbled herself and suffered grievances for him. He felt unbearably awful.

He’d rather see her being willful and making a scene.

“Wanwan!” Ye Mu Fan looked at Ye Wanwan with a firm gaze. “Ge will definitely get back everything that belongs to us; I’ll never let you suffer again!”

Upon seeing how serious he was, Ye Wanwan’s expression turned gentler. “En, I believe that ge-ge can do it.”

Behind them, Liang Mei Xuan suddenly walked over. “Tsk tsk, just a vice-chairperson of the fashion association, yet your ego is ascending to the skies. If our Yiyi was like you, wouldn’t she have to beat a gong and set off firecrackers every single day?”

“You actually wanted to snatch a man away from our Yiyi – why don’t you see and take a look at your reflection. See what kind of person you are!”

Ye Mu Fan recalled what Wanwan said and didn’t want to quarrel with Liang Mei Xuan. He glanced at her, controlled his temper and ignored her.

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