Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 79: Do I look single?

Chapter 79: Do I look single?

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As Si Xia had to run at the last minute, the final act couldn't be rehearsed and so, everybody left.

"He must've scared Si Xia so he ran off to hide!"

"Speaking of which... Si Xia wouldn't really give the role of the prince to Ling Dong, would he?"

"I think it's possible. If someone was a sucker and volunteered to cover for him, it wouldn't make sense not to take the opportunity!"

"I couldn't tell that the ugly freak, Ye Wan Wan, had such cunning. What magic potion did she give Ling Dong?"

In the small hall, the girls were still secretly discussing amongst themselves but once Ling Dong shot a sinister glare across at them, they all turned pale instantly and quickly packed up to leave.

After glaring at those people, Ling Dong walked to Ye Wan Wan. His ferocious expression immediately became stiff and uncertain, "It's fine if you don't want to have dinner with me, I... I'll walk you back to your dormitory..."

Ye Wan Wan furrowed her brows, "Ling Dong, I've told you before..."

Ling Dong immediately interrupted her, "I know I'm not good looking enough, but I'll treat you really well! You can't just go by my looks!"

Hearing that, the corners of Ye Wan Wan's mouth twitched . Doesn't he see the irony in saying this?

"You have feelings for me all of a sudden because you saw how I looked without makeup last night, right?" Ye Wan Wan asked bluntly.

Ling Dong didn't deny it and nodded, "Yup."

Ye Wan Wan raised her brows, "So you liked me just for my looks?"

Ling Dong pursed his lips, "I admit that I really like your face, you... You're really beautiful... And a beautiful girl is a man's desire. I don't think there's anything wrong with liking you because of the way you look!"

Ye Wan Wan was slightly dumbfounded by Ling Dong's confidence and courage and she could only reply, "Actually, I have a boyfriend already."

"What did you say?" Upon hearing that, Ling Dong's expression changed. After a long time, he calmed down, "You don't have to be like this."

Ye Wan Wan was helpless, "Do I look single?"

Ling Dong frowned, "That's not what I meant, just..."

She couldn't blame him for not believing her, after all, Ye Wan Wan had always worn such terrifying makeup, how could she possibly have a boyfriend?

"Your boyfriend fulfils your requirement?" Ling Dong asked.

Ye Wan Wan nodded her head with certainty, "Yes."

But after Ye Wan Wan said that, Ling Dong's face instantly turned black and was even more convinced that she was lying, "Ye Wan Wan, you don't have to find any more excuses to lie to me, you have the right to reject me and I have the right to chase you. I won't give up!"

Ye Wan Wan sighed, "Then what should I do to make you believe I told the truth?"

Why does everybody doubt that I have a boyfriend? They're all too judgmental with appearances! Don't they understand that someone with exotic taste could actually like a girl like me?

Ling Dong looked at Ye Wan Wan and gave it some thought before replying, "Unless I see him with my own eyes."

See him with your own eyes?

Bringing Si Ye Han to meet a boy who likes me and is currently wooing me... do I want to die?

Well... No...

It's not impossible to get a substitute boyfriend to meet Ling Dong...

Ye Wan Wan seriously hesitated for a long time before finally looking at Ling Dong and asked tentatively, "You're sure that you'll give up after seeing him?"

Ling Dong didn't fall into her trap and replied cautiously, "Of course, if he's really outstanding like you said, 1800 times better looking than Si Xia."

All right, it looks like randomly dragging a person to cover up for me is impossible. Where can I find a guy 1800 times better looking than Si Xia...

"Fine, let me think about it, my boyfriend is pretty busy. I'll let you know when I've made an appointment," Ye Wan Wan replied.

Ling Dong went along with it without a worry, "Sure."

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