Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 80: Ruining the picturesque view

Chapter 80: Ruining the picturesque view

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Ling Dong insisted on personally escorting Ye Wan Wan back to the dormitory and you could imagine what the walk back was like.

Onlookers could only see a tall and handsome boy in a basketball outfit, following in the footsteps of a girl next to him like a guardian angel, completely winning over any teenage girl's heart.

However, the girl whom he was escorting ruined the picturesque view completely with her scary, explosive hair, thick smokey makeup and bright red bloody lips. It was an awful sight to behold.

"Oh my god! That ugly freak, Ye Wan Wan, actually has a suitor!"

"Not to mention that her suitor is actually the big boss of Qing He!"

"I thought that was just a rumour! This is unbelievable!"

Amongst the crowd of onlookers, Shen Meng Qi looked at both of them from afar. Seeing the way Qing He's big shot was so attentive to Ye Wan Wan, her face stiffened for a moment.

She thought that she'd see Ye Wan Wan looking devastated today, but who knew that she'd be totally fine, making such a big splash at school?

At the entrance of the girls' dormitory:

After Ling Dong left, Shen Meng Qi hurriedly ran towards Ye Wan Wan and looked in the direction of Ling Dong's retreating back. She asked hesitantly with concern, "Wan Wan, what's going on between you and Ling Dong?"

At that moment, Shen Meng Qi had two girls behind her. The girl on the left was in a white Chanel lady-like skirt and stood there proudly, looking disapprovingly at Ye Wan Wan. She said with condescension, "On one hand you're getting ideas about Si Xia and on the other, you're hooking up with Ling Dong. You seriously have no shame!"

Hearing what Jiang Yan Ran said, Shen Meng Qi felt pleased. She hid away her joyful expression and warned Jiang Yan Ran affectionately, "Yan Ran, don't say that about Wan Wan, she isn't that sort of person. They're probably just ordinary friends!"

Jiang Yan Ran's delicate little face was scornful and full of disdain, "How can they be ordinary friends? He's already confessed in public and even acted as her guardian angel; how is this normal for ordinary friends?"

The average-looking girl in her school uniform on the right side of Shen Meng Qi said sarcastically, "How does this ugly freak even hook up with a man when she looks so hideous? How does she do it?"

The commotion with Shen Meng Qi's group caused quite a few girls to crowd around to join in on the criticism.

After hearing what Fang Qin said, the crowd of onlookers looked at each other and speculated, "Tsk, could it be her skills in bed..."

Shen Meng Qi protected her anxiously, "There must be a misunderstanding!"

Jiang Yan Ran folded her arms, seeing that Shen Meng Qi spoke up for Ye Wan Wan and scowled, "Meng Qi, why are you still hanging out with this kind of person? Don't you find her gross?"

Shen Meng Qi gloated beneath her eyes but on the surface, she acted like she was in a difficult position, being sandwiched between Ye Wan Wan and Jiang Yan Ran, "Yan Ran, don't say that, Wan Wan is actually quite pitiful. With her family the way it is, I can't possibly leave her when she's at rock bottom."

Jiang Yan Ran sneered, "Meng Qi, you're too kind and too soft-hearted. As the saying goes, that miserable man must have some flaw causing all the misery. Her family is a wreck because of her father's wickedness, her own corrupted behaviour, and her complicated personal life! Is this kind of person worthy of your sympathy? She's so cunning, sitting next to Si Xia even after cheating on the exam and bumping Cheng Xue out of her rightful place in the show. She's even capable of hooking up with the boss of Qing He!"

All the other girls crowded around nodded in agreement and condemned her.

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