Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 78: More like he's blind

Chapter 78: More like he's blind

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By the end of the day, this explosive news had spread throughout Qing He and even other high schools in the area.

Everybody knew about the big shot of Qing He, Ling Dong, being rejected by the ugliest girl, Ye Wan Wan. They also knew about that crazy ugly girl shooting her mouth off that her standards for boyfriends were to be better looking than Si Xia...

The school's hall:

Ling Dong sat far away at the last row, watching devoutly as Ye Wan Wan rehearsed at the front.

Even after being rejected by Ye Wan Wan on the spot, he still refused to give up.

On the window seat next to him was Si Xia.

Ling Dong passed a cigarette over.

Si Xia looked down lazily and refused it.

Seeing that he didn't take it, Ling Dong lit the cigarette himself and took a long drag. Then, he said sternly, "Si Xia, Ye Wan Wan is the girl I'm after. If we're brothers then don't go overboard with the kissing scene. You gotta pretend!"

Si Xia's indifferent expression seemed to crack for a moment, "You're overthinking it."

Ling Dong also felt that he was overthinking it, since Si Xia couldn't even get close to Ye Wan Wan's face. So, Ye Wan Wan's current get-up was extremely safe!

So, Ling Dong lightly coughed, "Si Xia, why don't we strike a deal: give this role to me, alright? I'll sort this out with the teacher! Since Little Xue doesn't want you to be intimate with Ye Wan Wan, then both of you shouldn't act. I'll cover for you instead. Isn't this the best of both worlds?"

After hearing this, Si Xia opened his eyes widely and looked at him, seemingly considering his offer.

Ling Dong's best friends couldn't tolerate it anymore and they rushed to Ling Dong with frightened expressions, "Dong! Calm down, Dong! Why're you so pessimistic?"

Another guy's face was also bitter, "Dong, what happened, when did your taste become so particular?"

While the two brothers were fussing, Ling Dong recalled yesterday evening's fleeting glimpse and his ears immediately turned red. Initially, he wanted to defend himself but finally, he only scolded them gruffly, "What do you guys know?"

He'd never tell anybody the truth.

He liked the feeling of being the only one who knew her secret.

Anyway, if everybody knew, he'd have a lot more rivals.

"Dong!" Cheng Xue quickly walked to Ling Dong, so angry that her beautiful little face looked distorted, "Dong, what exactly are you doing? Don't tell me that you really fell in love with that ugly freak, Ye Wan Wan!"

She wouldn't tolerate it even if Ling Dong took Si Xia's place. How could Ling Dong be together with that ugly freak Ye Wan Wan?

Ling Dong looked at the raging Cheng Xue, "Yeah, I really fell for her."

Cheng Xue choked, "Are you crazy? You could fall for anyone but you fell for her? Do you know what everyone is saying about you? They're saying that your brain is fried!"

"Then my brain is fried!" Ling Dong blew out smoke with a smug expression.

Huh? Is his brain fried? More like he's blind!

"Si Xia, what do you think?" Ling Dong looked at Si Xia again and asked nervously.

At this moment, someone in front yelled—— "Si Xia, it's your turn!"Si Xia's back stiffened and he looked at Ye Wan Wan's bloody red lips like she'd just swallowed a child.

After a long while, he said, "I'll consider it." He glanced at the time on his watch and hurriedly said, "I've got to go."

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