Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 77: Boyfriend material

Chapter 77: Boyfriend material

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Ye Wan Wan was caught off guard as she was confessed to in front of everybody. At that moment, her heart was in despair.

She just kept thinking that it's all over ...

She'd recently escaped death and gone through a disaster. Who knew that right after, Ling Dong would cause more trouble?

Where had it all gone wrong?

Could it be that to take revenge on me, Ling Dong plans to dump me after winning me over?

Ye Wan Wan quickly disregarded this possibility, since this would involve too much sacrifice on the part of the enemy himself. As long as Ling Dong wasn't out of his mind, he'd never use this kind of sacrificial method to take revenge.

This couldn't really be because of last night, could it?

If this wasn't a trick, this could be the only reason.

He'd only seen her without makeup and besides, it was a quick glance. She hadn't thought much of it at the time and also thought that since Ling Dong was tipsy, he might not have seen her clearly. Who knew that just a glance would land her in such a big trouble?

This devilish, superficial world!

Ling Dong was quite popular in school and news of this big shot confessing his love for Qing He's infamous ugly girl would definitely spread through the school within half a day. It'd only be a matter of time before Si Ye Han found out too.

With Si Ye Han's temperament, just this incident alone could cause all her efforts to go down the drain...

Ye Wan Wan thought she'd have at least a few days of peace. Her heart was so tired that she didn't want to speak.

"Ling Dong, I think you need to see an eye doctor..." Ye Wan Wan rested her hand on forehead and spoke feebly.

What Ye Wan Wan had said echoed everyone's thoughts. Everybody nodded.

Ling Dong's diehard followers even silently added, not just the eye doctor but a psychologist as well!

Ling Dong wrinkled his brows and stared at the girl. He enunciated every single word he said clearly, "Ye Wan Wan, I'm serious!"

Ye Wan Wan naturally wanted to reject; she couldn't let anybody get a hold over her. But she couldn't possibly talk about her boyfriend in front of everyone. If the school found out about her puppy love, that would be a violation of school rules and she'd be penalized again. She didn't have a school director as her father like Ling Dong so she couldn't act impulsively.

Thus, Ye Wan Wan could only say, "Sorry, whether this is a trick or for real, I have no interest in you!"

Ling Dong stiffened up, "Why? Why aren't you interested in me?"

Ye Wan Wan saw that Ling Dong was standing there stubbornly, his expression unusually serious and looking like he wouldn't give up without an answer. She could only reply, "Because you aren't boyfriend material."

"What are your standards? How am I lacking? Tell me, I can change!" Ling Dong said immediately.

"I... Damn... Is Dong under a curse..."

"This is definitely not Dong, he must be possessed!"

"Damn, what did this ugly freak do to Dong?"

Everyone thought at first that Ling Dong would definitely be enraged after Ye Wan Wan's rejection. Who knew that he'd so submissive and even offer to change for her? Ling Dong's diehard followers were completely confused, in addition to the students gathered around them. Everyone felt that their senses had been assaulted by an atomic bomb.

Ye Wan Wan sighed, "Ling Dong, don't blame me, this was what you asked for!"

Thus, Ye Wan Wan replied, "My first standard is... Be at least 1800 times better looking than Si Xia!"

Ling Dong was stunned for a long while before regaining his senses, "Are you kidding?"

Si Xia who'd been dragged into this for no reason at all: "..."

Ye Wan Wan's face was grave, "I'm serious!"

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