Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 76: Not a fight... but a date!

Chapter 76: Not a fight... but a date!

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The three girls: "..."

All the students in class: "..."

Ye Wan Wan herself was dumbfounded.

The three girls looked at each other and took a long while to regain their senses. Then they hurriedly pressed on——

"Dong... Brother Dong... What're you saying?"

"What do you mean Ye Wan Wan is one of your people?"

"Dong, did you make a mistake somewhere?"

Ling Dong's face was filled with annoyance, "I meant what I said, literally. Ye Wan Wan is one of my people; nobody is allowed to touch her! Don't you understand English? If you understand then get lost already!"

The three of them were Cheng Xue's diehard followers and were, at the same time, close to Ling Dong. This was the first time Ling Dong had used such a harsh tone with them and their eyes turned red after being yelled at. At first, they wanted to protest more but after seeing Ling Dong's terrifying expression, they didn't dare and could only stomp their feet and rush to Cheng Xue.

After the three of them left, Ling Dong looked at Ye Wan Wan again and his initial ferocious expression became stiff and raw.

After hesitating for a few moments, Ling Dong turned, shoved the big bag of snacks he was holding into Ye Wan Wan's arms and said in a low voice, "For you."

Ye Wan Wan looked at the snacks, her expression confused as she continued in silence, "..."

Ling Dong stood in front of her desk without indicating any intentions of leaving. He looked hesitant to speak and each time he opened his mouth to say something, he'd swallow his words. This went on a few times before he finally took a deep breath and stuttered, "Ye Wan Wan... Are... Are you free tonight after school?"


A phrase subconsciously appeared in Ye Wan Wan's head, a phrase people usually said whenever they wanted a fight: "Don't leave after school."

Is he preparing to teach me a lesson himself after school?

Ling Dong must've felt that Ye Wan Wan misunderstood so he quickly added, "There... There's a newly-opened barbeque shop near school... Do you want to go together? My treat!"

All the students crowded around: "...!!!"

Damn! Why is this turning more and more bizarre?!

Ye Wan Wan furrowed her brows with all her strength, what's going on ?

It's not a fight but... a date?

"Wait wait wait wait... Sorry, Ling Dong, I don't understand at all--what kind of trick is this?" Ye Wan Wan was straight to the point.

Actually, everybody crowding around didn't understand either. It was understandable if Ling Dong didn't dare to touch Ye Wan Wan because of Zhao Xing Zhou, but even so, he didn't have to go so far as to say things like Ye Wan Wan was one of his people, right? And now, he's even asking her out for dinner tonight?

What exactly happened in those short two days off from school?

Hearing Ye Wan Wan's words, Ling Dong's face turned ugly as he said unhappily, "It's not a trick!"

Ye Wan Wan smiled, "Ling Dong, straightforward people don't resort to insinuations. What on earth are you thinking? Just come out with it!"

Ling Dong stood and stared at her, his knuckles clenched so tightly that they started cracking.

Just as Ye Wan Wan thought that he was going to hit her, she heard him suddenly say——"Ye Wan Wan, I like you!"

Ye Wan Wan was stunned: "..." Huh?

"Puff... Cough cough cough..." Si Xia, who was watching nonchalantly at the side, couldn't hold back anymore. He choked and started coughing violently.

All the students in the classroom gasped and everyone looked like they had just seen a ghost.

"Damn! What did I just hear? Dong actually confessed to that ugly freak, Ye Wan Wan!!!" Ling Dong's friend's jaw nearly fell off.

Another guy's face was filled with shock, "Dong, are you crazy?"

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