Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 75: One of my people

Chapter 75: One of my people

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"Damn! What's going on? I thought there'd be a good show today! Why would Ling Dong help Ye Wan Wan?"

"Who knows? It's totally crazy!"

"Maybe he was put in place by Zhao Xing Zhou's torture?"

"How could Ling Dong, this little lord, have any fear? It's good enough if he doesn't make things worse!"


In the midst of all the discussion, Ye Wan Wan sat down on Ling Dong's chair.

She had been prepared for trouble but what happened was beyond her expectations.

Had Ling Dong really been put in his place by Zhao Xing Zhou's torture?


Ye Wan Wan vaguely recalled that Ling Dong accidentally saw how she looked without her makeup last night.

His actions couldn't be related to that, right?

Shortly, the bell indicating the start of lessons rang and the classroom quieted down again. Ye Wan Wan didn't give it any further thought.

She looked at the phone in her drawer, unfocused.

From last night till now, Si Ye Han hadn't contacted her after he sent Xu Yi to take her back to school.

According to his reaction yesterday, he shouldn't be angry anymore, right?

Actually, she did take a risk yesterday after all.

If Si Ye Han had completely lost his senses in his fury and locked her up without letting her explain, the consequences would've been dire.

Fortunately, her efforts so far hadn't been wasted. Si Ye Han hadn't completely believed Shen Meng Qi's words and went to investigate things himself.

After class, the students continued to stare in the direction of Ye Wan Wan and whispered, after holding things in for an entire lesson.

Watching Cheng Xue and three of her diehard followers walking up to Ye Wan Wan aggressively, everybody was alert again.

"Ugly freak, come out! We have something for you!" One of the girls with a sharp chin barked harshly.

Usually, people called out after class would be brought to the girls' washroom to be bullied.

Even though Ye Wan Wan didn't want to entertain these childish fights, being bothered all the time affected her mood too.

She shot them a cold glare and replied leisurely, "Sure!"

"What're you waiting for, hurry up!" The girl couldn't wait and started to drag her as another girl next to her started pulling her as well.

Si Xia who was lying on the table asleep looked up and his brows twitched when he saw the scene before him. Just as he was about to speak, a dark and cold voice sounded from behind him——

"Who said you guys could touch her?"

Ling Dong stood at the classroom door with a big plastic bag in his hand, his expression terrifying.

Although Ling Dong didn't look as handsome as Si Xia, he was good-looking in his own way. It was just that his temperament was completely different from Si Xia's. He was like a rebellious wolf, violence buzzing throughout his body and was unusually vicious when he fought. People feared him when they saw him every day. His current expression made everybody quiver to the bone.

Seeing that Ling Dong was standing behind them with that face, the three girls were startled by his scary expression, "Dong... brother Dong!"

One of the girls summoned the courage to explain, "Dong, this ugly freak was too hateful. Not only did she snatch up Cheng Xue's role, she also made you suffer so much. We merely wanted to teach her a lesson to avenge you!"

Ling Dong's gaze swept across the three girls and everybody in the classroom. Making sure to enunciate every syllable, he said, "Since none of you understood me just now, let me say it again. From now on, Ye Wan Wan is one of my people! Whoever touches her again is going against me- Ling Dong!"

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